Our Favorite Read Alouds – 2015

Since read alouds are a family affair, I sought my children’s thoughts on what their favorite read aloud of the year was. Pointless. It would have been more productive to ask which parent was their favorite. Even with each of the children naming three or four books among their favorites, I noticed a book or two that was favored across the board.

100 Cupboards – N. D. Wilson

Dandelion Fire – N. D. Wilson

The Chestnut King – N. D. Wilson

This trilogy was a family favorite. If you have not read it, you must add it to your list for 2016. Highly recommend. Excellent read aloud.


Boys of Blur N. D. Wilson – Notice a theme here? N. D. Wilson was a popular author in our home this year.  While this served as a read aloud and the younger ones enjoyed it, the story was much more engaging for my older ones. I would not have read it aloud if I only had younger kiddos.

The Green Ember – S D Smith –  This was on everyone’s list; young and old.

The Black Star of Kingston S. D. Smith

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes – Jonathan Auxier – Jonathan Auxier  – Such a fun, exciting read. Don’t miss it.

The Night Gardener – Jonathan Auxier

Confessions of an Imaginary Friend: A Memoir by Jacques PapierMichelle Cuevas – This selection was a surprise read aloud success. My older ones were skeptical; thinking it was for the younger ones. Beautiful story. You want to meet Jacques.

Rascal Sterling North – A boy and his pet racoon. Do read alouds get any better than the classic “boy and dog” story?

The Westing GameEllen Raskin – If I had to do it over, this would not be a read aloud. The writing style is challenging as a read aloud. However, a couple of kiddos mentioned it as a favorite so there you have it.

It was truly a fabulous year of read alouds. To see all the books we shared as a family, go to Read Alouds 2015.

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