Just Use Your Brain Power

“Just use your brain power, mom, and check it.”  Last week I order the next level of Fix It Grammar for my daughter, Lydia. (She really enjoys this program.) Her student text was a downloaded product but my teacher’s book is a physical book and should arrive tomorrow. Lydia has already completed a few lessons and wanted to know when I would check it. When she realized I didn’t have my book yet she told me to just “use your brain power and check it”.

She is a funny girl, right? Brain power is to be conserved, young one.

Lydia is not alone in the advice department. Hannah, 10, was eager to share her thoughts with me last week while grocery shopping. I’m not sure if you know this, but a trampoline makes an excellent disciplinary device. Yes, it is. Forget time out or standing in the corner. No need for a swat on the rear end. When your child is misbehaving it is most likely due to bundles of energy and bouncing on a trampoline will solve the issue. I suppose we all have a bit of Tigger in us? To her most heartfelt disappointment, I did not add a trampoline to the grocery list. She is, however, free to run in the backyard or climb a tree when burst of troublesome energy creeps up on her. Or scrub a toilet.

With my house full of witty and brilliant children I am sure more excellent advice will be shared. Consider yourself warned.

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