Passing the Tissue

This past week, we have done one thing that large families do so well. We shared a cold. I suppose since we still have a lot of stuffy noses, watery eyes, and scratchy throats, I shouldn’t use the past tense. We are sharing a cold. Right now. In this moment. No one is immune. From the toddler to the dad.

We loved our church family enough to keep our sneezes and coughs at home. As we had a fellowship meal schedule after church today, I am sure they appreciated contamination free food. Amen.

There are days when I want to beat my head against the wall thanks to the headache and heartache that technology and internet can bring.  The online world and the number of devices that allow access can be overwhelming to manage at times. Today was a wonderful example of the good of the internet.

Even though we could not gather for corporate worship with our church family, we did worship at home as a family in our living room. It only took a moment and a speaker was plugged in, Bibles and notebooks were handy, and the message began.

The toddler took a nap during the sermon (just like most Sundays; habits are a beautiful thing), little ones kept hands busy but quiet, and the older ones took notes. And it was worship. His Word was preached. Truth was spoken. Hearts were touched.

Instead of passing the plate, we passed the tissue. Praying you all had a wonderful day of worship.

If you might need a message to listen to this week, here is the one we listened to today. For me, it was powerful.

A Tender Word to Pharisees Luke 15:25-31

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