The Climbing Knights – A Review

The king has issued a tournament. Knights have gathered to accept the challenge. Who will be the first knight to reach the top of the castle? Ah, do not be mislead, my fellow knight. Speed will not give you victory. Skill and strategy will decide the winner as castle guards lurk around each corner and will send you down the castle wall.

The Climbing Knights from SimplyFun has brought together the excitement of knights and castles in this game of skill and strategy. Designed for ages 8 and up, The Climbing Knights offers a fun, exciting, and engaging opportunity for children to visualize a plan of action, to not accept defeat, implement a strategy, and claim victory.

I’m reviewing The Climbing Knights; one of the four of SimplyFun new releases.

The Climbing Knights is quick and easy to set up and begin playing. As soon as our game arrived, the kiddos wanted to play immediately. I quickly read through the simple, straightforward rules and the challenge began. The game includes a base to hold the castle securely, a three tiered castles (magnetic), 4 Knights (magnetic), 8 Coat of Arms (2 for each knight), 2 Guards, and three dice.

The goal of the game is to get your knight to the top of the castle without being seen by the guards. If a guard catches you scaling the wall, you are sent down a tier or level of the castle. If your knight is the first to reach the top of the castle twice and retrieve both of your coat of arms, you are named the winner! But you must play smart.

The three dice control the guards and how many moves you can make on a turn. A good roll of the dice will cause your guards to take a snooze! Perfect time to be out in the open. The castle wall provides window ledges that hide you from the guards’ patrol which can offer much needed protection for your knight. The slow, stealthy ascent may perhaps be wiser that speed.

Our Thoughts on Climbing Knights

It can be challenging to find games for younger children that present the opportunity to build skills while also being entertaining and engaging. They most definitely are working their strategy skills with The Climbing Knights. I have yet to win!

“I really liked it. I love anything with knights and castles.¬† I liked how the guards circled the castle. It was nice that the castle was standing up and big. I like that you can actually move the knights up a standing castle. The yellow knight is my favorite. It is really fun to play.” Hannah, 10

While this game is geared for ages 8 and up, depending on your child, children younger than 8 can most definitely play. My son, Sam, is 6 and he had no problems at all understanding the concept of the game and doing well moving his knight up the castle wall.

“It has knights. I just like it. It was a fun, fun game. Are we keeping it? Don’t put it in the trash.” Sam – 6

The Climbing Knights would work beautifully as a fun resource if you are studying the medieval period or are doing  a unit study on knights and castles. For us, it has found a home in our game closet and has been played frequently by my kiddos. Game play only take about 30 minutes or so. We can quickly set it up and play a game before dinner, right before bed, on a rainy afternoon, or those days when we just have to ditch school for an hour or so.

“I loved it. It was great! I like moving up with the knights. The guards were fun, too. We took turns and had different winners. It is a fun game.” Sarah – 8

If you are a game playing family or want to add a bit of fun learning to your day, take a look at SimplyFun. They have a wide variety of games available from preschool to whole family fun. Make sure to see what other Review Crew members are saying!

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