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Despite the many years I have spent homeschooling, researching and discovering new resources has never become boring. When Sunya Publishing had a new math resource available for review, how could I say no? Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting, a simple card game, would hopefully provide a fun way to review basic math facts with my eight year old daughter.

The Adding & Subtracting Cards (60 cards) are the size of a standard deck of playing cards and very durable. They will no doubt stand up to many rounds of play and being handled by little hands. The face of the cards simply show the number (0 – 9) along with corresponding dots. Two Wild Cards are provided as well as a plus, minus, and equal sign cards. Along with the Adding & Subtracting Cards, Riddle Cards (30 cards), some including math and science facts, are included. Who doesn’t enjoy a good riddle now and then?

Sunya Publishing included a very detailed, illustrated set of directions for play for the adding and subtracting cards. The concept of the use of the cards seemed straight-forward to me but after reading the directions, I was thoroughly confused. In an effort for clarity, I think the directions err on the side of being too detailed. Also the directions were in black and white. With illustrations included, I think color printing of the directions would be more helpful.

After the initial confusion, I glanced over the directions instead of reading them and the game was truly a very basic card game. Since we play a lot of games in our family, Sarah and I jumped right in to game play. The directions do encourage non-competitive play where you can help other players form number sentences. We are a thoroughly game competitive family so I will confess that Sarah did not expect or ask for help. You could definitely make this a “team game” and work together. Either way math facts are reviewed and flash cards are not needed to make it happen.

Here is how we played: After shuffling the cards, we formed a starting number sentence. From the remaining deck, I dealt out cards to Sarah and myself. Then a Draw Pile was set to the side. Taking turns, we each used part of the number sentence to form a new one. If we were able, we would use our cards to create a completely new number sentence. When on your turn you are unable to make a play, you take a card from the Draw Pile. The goal is to use all of your cards in hand. The first person to do this is the winner. Now don’t automatically assume that the older, more experienced player will win. Ahem. Sarah savored each of her victories. (*There were some special rules regarding the use of “0” and “1”. We chose to ignore those rules and play them like any of the other numbered cards.)

The Adding and Subtracting Cards can be used in other ways as well. My younger ones have used them to practice putting the numerals 0 -9 in the proper order, find the missing number, and creating number sentences on their own. Martha, 4, loves sorting the cards by number. She plays it over and over.

We enjoy puzzles, logic games, and riddles so we had a bit of fun with the Riddle Cards. Over lunch I would ask a question or two. I did have to warn my older ones to give the younger ones time to think before yelling the answer. While the Riddle Cards were fun, now that we have answered the Riddles, I’m not sure of the purpose of the cards. Now I have 30 well made Riddle Cards to store away?

Final Thoughts

The Adding and Subtracting Cards from Sunya Publishing are well-made, durable. They are going to hold up to many children using them as basic flash cards and for playing math games. As a mom with a large family, I appreciate a well-made product that is going to take a bit of wear and tear.

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