Hello? Is That You 2017?

Well, life has been life and you know how the plans of mice and men go, right?

It has been the normal, crazy, fun, chaotic life in our home and I had great intentions for sharing lots her at Life with the Tribe. Then I realized how behind I was on my books for 2016. Then I debated if I should just sweep it all under the rug or make an attempt to record what I had read. Sharing thought and reviews? Yeah, not happening, I don’t think.

So in the menu I have links to the books I have read in 2016: Young Adult/Adult Lit, Children’s LIt, Read Alouds, and  Picture Books. Hopefully in the next week I can share my favorites from the year and perhaps have a plan for 2017.

Since I am always looking to add to my books to read list, please share favorites you read in 2016 or books you are looking forward to.

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