What I Read – June 2019

Did someone hit a time warp button? I’m fairly confident that the end of June and the beginning of July went at lightning speed. Am I alone in this?

So…here is a quick look at what I read in June.

Wooing Cadie McCaffrey (Bethany Turner) – Christian Fiction. I appreciated the author tackling a challenging topic. She gave an interesting look at the consequences and reaction could happen in this situation. For me, the reaction of Cadie became a bit overly dramatic and overly done. Despite that I enjoyed the book overall.

Sweet on You (Becky Wade) – This was the third book in her Bradford Sisters Series. An enjoyable read; perfect for summer. If you haven’t read the first two, you can still read this one. I recommend the full series.

Tell Me Three Things (Julie Buxbaum) – YA Fiction can be a tricky category to wade through. Last month I read What to Say Next by this author and was eager to read more of her works. Sadly, Tell Me Three Things disappointed. I did not agree with the stance taken on teens and intimacy.

Field Notes on Love (Jennifer E. Smith)- Another YA Fiction that definitely had a RomCom vibe to it. I found it fun and entertaining with enough substance to make it a great summer read.

Valencia and Valentine (Suzy Krause) – This was a complete impulse read. It was available for free through Prime Reading and the cover looked familiar. An interesting story line, indeed. It was a bit odd at first until you realize what is happening. If you liked Elinor Oliphant, you would likely enjoy this one.  A similar feel but without the intense trauma.

The River – A page turning suspense story for sure. If you like suspense, outdoors, adventure…this is a great choice. I did find the ending a bit of a let down and the language was a bit wearying at times.

My Name is Lucy Barton (Elizabeth Strout) – Read this because I had heard so many great things about it. I found it “meh”. I think I took too long to read it, perhaps?

Bel Canto (Ann Patchett) – I finally remembered to grab a book by Ann Patchett. A simple plan to kidnap a president turns into an unexpected hostage situation. All because of a soap opera. I enjoyed looking at the at different personalities and how they handled the hostage situation. Our ability to adapt can be amazing at time. I was disappointed in a few characters choices toward the end of the book. Again, another ending that I felt was disappointing.

The next three books are by Katherine Reay:

The Printed Letter Bookshop – Her newest release. If you enjoy literature, you will find the setting of this book charming. Three women all dealing with various issues and the Bookshop is what brings them together. I think the picture of forgiveness in this story makes it a worthy read for sure.

A Portrait of Emily Price – At first glance I thought this was just going to be a fun, light-hearted read. It took me a bit by surprise. It was a nice balance of fun/sweet and redemption/family.

Lizzy and Jane – By far my favorite of Katherine Reay’s books (that I’ve read). Two sisters, cancer, strained relationship. This just really hit me deeply for various reasons. It was lovely, so lovely. I highly recommended.

The Mother-in-Law (Sally Hepworth) – Another book that I highly recommend. This was my first encounter with this author, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was not disappointed! Loved how she explored family dynamics with the unexpected death of the mother-in-law. Books that use flashbacks for character development and story line are loved by me. If they are done right. And this was done so very well. I was comfortable handing this over to my teen to read as well. Go put it on hold now.

Happy to discuss more details about any of the books listed about. Just post in the comments below. Hopefully I can find time to do more fleshed out reviews in July! Happy Reading!



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