The Week that Wasn’t….

Are we at the end of the week already? Wow. How did the happen?

*Monday was a blur. I’m sure we were productive. Normally I would have been out shopping but there was a scheduling conflict so we were home all day. We had to do school, right?

*Tuesday was a trip to the surgeon and then a run to grab groceries. It was a blur. A winter storm was predicted so shopping was exciting. Interesting the items that were low by the time I was at the store. Candy such as Milk Duds were running low. Another customer commented that this store was the only place she could find the small boxes. Hmm, Milk Duds? Who knew they were great for the Winter Storm Survival Kit?

*Wednesday brought surgery and a quick discharge. Caleb is the master of coming out of anesthesia. They were quite impressed with how quickly he was ready to go. So quick that half way home, his discharge nurse called us to ask if we could come back. She had forgotten some paperwork. Oops. We also got a call from Sarah that Top Tooth #2 was out.

Thankfully we were home before the storm. Wowsers! We got more than expected. I was thrilled that I had gotten groceries on Tuesday. Unfortunately, a little to late, I realized I forgot to purchase toilet paper. Everyone was put on alert. The options if we ran out were not appealing. Amazing how that is a great motivator to stop toilet paper waste. Giggle.

*Thursday. Well, we still had snow. Lots of snow. I gave them a snow day. I was exhausted from the Wednesday 4am wake up time. We read. We knit. We built snowmen. We drank hot chocolate. We even watched some replays from the 2014 Olympics. Works for me!

*Then today. Beautiful, sunshiny Friday! The day the van got stuck in slushy ice/snow, the day toilet paper was refilled, and the day the library books on hold were picked up. Happy Friday! We gathered the pencils, snuggled up with books, and enjoyed the perfect Valentine’s meal of hamburgers and home fries. A hilarious game of Risk is underway as we end the day.

So it was the week that wasn’t the week I envisioned. However, looking back….it was lovely.

How was your week? Stop by the Weekly Wrap-Up to read and share!


Just Frame It!

This year, I just wasn’t sure what to gift the grandparents. I wanted something that would be special and specific to him or her. I didn’t want to gift something just for the sake of gifting. Granddad (my father-in-law) had me stumped this year. Then I was diligently researching a range of topics on Pinterest, ahem, and found some wall art with the above quote on it.

Now my oldest child is almost 14 and for almost 14 years, I have heard my father-in-law sing “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck” to everyone of my children. I can hear him in my mind right now. Treasured memory! I used the resources I had available and whipped up the above framed sign for him. I hope it makes him smile each time he sees it.

Love this verse…so does Grammy!

After creating the print for Granddad, I wanted to do something similar for Grammy ( my mother-in-law). I had several ideas but decided to use her favorite Scripture verse; one of my favorites as well. I realized too late that my spacing was a bit off but hopefully she doesn’t mind. I pray that when she sees this verse hanging on her wall, that she will be blessed with the reminder that the Lord is always with her. What a comfort!

The Happy Couple

Granddad and Grammy also were given handmade items from the children. Mary knit fingerless mitts for Grammy, Bekah gave Granddad a “One a Day” Scripture Medicine jar, Caleb made pencil holders, Lydia made a love “Remembrance Jar” with a cross stitch cover and Hannah made bookmarks. Knitted gnomes and handmade cards were in the stash as well.

With a little time, thought and creativity, very special gifts can be given to bless those you love!

It began with Dr. Who

For full disclosure, I have absolutely no personal knowledge of this show, Dr. Who. The plot, characters, setting elude me and the desire to learn more is not in me. However, I participate in a Secret Sister Christmas exchange with a dear set of friends. When I was given the name of my sweet sister friend, I knew exactly what she needed this year.

Long scarf

Dr. Who Scarf knitted by me!

I consulted with a fellow Dr. Who friend for some guidance on a trustworthy pattern and I utilized the pattern, yarn colors and tips from to keep me on track with this scarf. When I completed the Dr. Who Scarf it was over 6 feet long and will continue to stretch as it is worn. Yes, my friend is actually using the Dr. Who Scarf. How fun!

Modeling the scarf before sending it on its way….

After spending weeks knitting this scarf, I was so worried that my friend would hate it. I was thrilled when she absolutely loved it and is wearing it! No fun just letting it hang in a closet.

Love the colors in this scarf!

While time consuming just due to the length, it was a simple knit. There were a few moments of panic. I ran out of yarn at one point and was concerned that my order would get lost in the Christmas package rush. Thankfully it arrived just in time! Family members repeatedly offered to take it but I protected it.

The following weeks brought on more Christmas gift crafting that I am looking forward to sharing with you. I was able to snap pictures of most things before sending them off!