And She is One!

It happens when you blink or perhaps glance away…it seems like only yesterday that I was wondering if this baby would every make her appearance and now she is a year old!

Little Miss Martha Ann – One Year

A year ago I had the joy of experiencing my first home birth. An absolutely amazing time. This precious little miracle we call Goose Berry was worth every minute of those 42 weeks. She has been a delight to our home..her giggle, her smiles, her love of cuddles.

Goose Berry

Martha has every one wrapped around her little finger.  She is always on the go and loves to find adventure in the bedrooms. Everyone is on alert to keep little items picked up in their rooms.  Swiping dollhouse people is high on her entertainment list.

You mean I have to share with him?

While Martha is chattering away, Daddy was her birthday spokesperson and assured us that she was Texas Sheet Cake and ice cream for her birthday. Martha has not shown much interest in solids and we have been working on encouraging her to eat. Ice cream seemed to do the trick. She has no issues enjoying that birthday treat. She passed on the cake.


Sadly, Martha was not feeling well on her birthday. In the middle of our little photo session, she took a little break. Is there anything cute than that?

The Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday, Goose Berry!!!


Little Miss 11 Months!

11 Months!!

I blinked and she grew! Martha is a bundle of sweetness….on the move!  She reminds me of Bekah. I can move so out of my way! Once she started walking she was a bit cautious but now she is walking everywhere. Martha loves to be in the kitchen cabinets.

Where’s Martha?

As you can see, her talents are quite amazing. Naturally she has a fan club.  Life stops to watch Martha and cheer her n. She loves nothing more than a game of peek a boo! She also enjoys a good read and cuddling. Did I mention Legos? Yes, she loves to join in when the “big Legos” come out.

Silly Girl!

Martha can also be quite chatty when she is home. But out and about? She still puts on her game face. She is a treasure! Hard to believe she will be a year next month!


Martha Ann ~ 10 months

Ten months? Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I was wondering if Little Miss would ever make her appearance and now 10 months old?

Gooseberry chasing the camera!

Martha turned 10 Months on the 12th.  It was a week full of birthday celebrating and memories. My birthday was the 10th, if MaMa was still with us she would have been 100 on the 11th and then Martha hitting 10months on the 12th.  MaMa was a Martha. I think of MaMa often when I look into Martha Ann’s blue eyes.

Sporting a super cute dress from a dear friend! Turtle!

Little Gooseberry wasn’t content with just crawling for long. She is cruising around every where, exploring all the different rooms of the house and mastering the art of free standing. You can see in her eyes that she wants to walk. Working on balance!

Cute picture on baby blanket? I don’t think so.

Bekah and I tried diligently to catch Martha on her bear blanket that we use each month for Martha’s photo session. She really didn’t see the point in sitting still when she could chase us around the room. She is an active girl. Loves to cuddle and laugh. Always willing to be held and rocked. If she hears our squeaky rocking chair, she scoots right over to be rocked.

Yeah! The camera loves me.

Surprisingly, Martha is still not interested in solids; still exclusively breastfed. She loves to grab food off the plates, crumble it up and throw it on the floor or just play with it. After getting a bit of applesauce on her tongue yesterday, she gagged. Hmmm, guess she just isn’t ready yet. Can’t wait to see what she decided will be her first solid food. Chocolate?

Look, teeth! Just two on the bottom.

So amazing how quickly these little ones can grow and change. A beautiful miracle the Lord has blessed me with.

Little Martha Ann