Favorite Read Alouds from 2016

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Hope you all had a lovely Happy New Year. We celebrated with stuffy noses, coughs, and  a fever or two. We really know how to bring in a new year!   While we are kicking off a new year, I want to take a post or two to share some of our favorite reads.

Favorite Read Alouds 2016:

N. D. Wilson –  We read aloud several of Wilson’s books. Leepike Ridge, The Ashtown Burial series (please, please give us Book 4, Mr. Wilson!) and wrapped it all up with Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle. Cyrus, Antigone, and Nolan  are like old friends and if I could find a Polygoners patch, I would be mom of the year. Sam Miracle was a fun read aloud for us.  A bit of time travel, a little western flair, and snake arms….how could you go wrong? Wilson knows how to tell a good story. And yes, The Outlaws of Time #2: The Song of Glory and Ghost is already on our To Read list. For 100 Cupboard fans, there is a prequel coming out for that this year as well: The Door Before. Yes, the To Read List is already filling up fast. Woot!


A year or so ago, I read aloud Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt and it instantly became a family favorite. It is possible that Holling Hoodhood and yellow feathers come up quite often in conversation.  I finally remembered to grab Okay for Now that is a companion to Wednesday Wars. Okay for Now takes us into the life of Doug Swieteck. And it is possible that I loved it even more than Wednesday Wars. Schmidt has an amazing talent for telling a deeper story between the lines. So while this was classified as a Young Adult read in our library, I read it aloud to the whole family. The younger ones enjoyed the story and the older ones caught all the things not said. Loved it. If you haven’t read it, you should.

Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard: A Peter Nimble Adventure by Jonathan Auxier was a highly anticipated second book in the Peter Nimble series.  I will confess, I was a bit anxious about Sophie Quire  meeting the standard set by Peter Nimble. Thankfully it did not fail us. I would say that it has a different feel or atmosphere from Peter Nimble but any book lover is going to enjoy turning the pages with Sophie.

I will confess that a few of the book on our read aloud list for 2016 disappointed us a bit. Looking forward to some great reads in 2017. What is on your To Read in  2017 list?


Hello? Is That You 2017?

Well, life has been life and you know how the plans of mice and men go, right?

It has been the normal, crazy, fun, chaotic life in our home and I had great intentions for sharing lots her at Life with the Tribe. Then I realized how behind I was on my books for 2016. Then I debated if I should just sweep it all under the rug or make an attempt to record what I had read. Sharing thought and reviews? Yeah, not happening, I don’t think.

So in the menu I have links to the books I have read in 2016: Young Adult/Adult Lit, Children’s LIt, Read Alouds, and  Picture Books. Hopefully in the next week I can share my favorites from the year and perhaps have a plan for 2017.

Since I am always looking to add to my books to read list, please share favorites you read in 2016 or books you are looking forward to.

Catching up with Books

Good-bye perfection and well-written plans. As much as I would love to blog my thoughts on the books we have read this year, it appears that time is not going to stand still and allow me to catch up. Next year. I will aim to do better next year, right?

So for now I’m just updating my menu categories with my Book Lists for 2016. The Picture Books list was updated last night to share with you the picture books we enjoyed that were published this year. My goal is to review a few of our favorites in the coming week or so.

Today I am going to focus on getting our Read Alouds for 2016 posted.

And if you happen to find a time portal, let me know. I could use one.