And now…the Birthday Girls!

Oh, how my heart smiles.

While the boys claim early November for birthdays, the girls  take us to the end of November with more birthday celebrations! Normally, they celebrate on the same day but we split them up this year.  Hannah’s birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year.  Good thing she requested turkey as her birthday meal!


The cutest Thanksgiving turkey!

Hannah turned 7 this year. She is an absolute joy!  Full of energy and giggles. She loves to cuddle up and have a chat.  What a delight she is!

My Joy!

And then on the 27th, Sarah turned 5! With a meal of hot dogs and mac & cheese, she savored every minute of her day!


This past year was a growing year for Sarah.  She has come so far since her screaming baby days. Sarah likes to be busy and would love to be in charge. She has a stubborn streak teamed up with a sweet streak. Dangerous combo at times! I love the twinkle that is always in her eyes.

Sarah, 5!

While Hannah had Thanksgiving, Sarah wanted to put up the Christmas tree on her birthday. What fun they all had!

Birthday hugs!

Happy Birthday to my November girls!