Organizationally Challenged and My Reads

In my mind, there is this beautiful image of an experienced mother who manages with grace and patience her humble abode and those precious offspring she has been blessed with. Then in the quiet of the evening, taking a moment of deep reflection, I think, “What in the world happened?!?!”

Reality of the Organizationally Challenged. This is what happened, my friends. There is no denying it. No sugar coating it. No turning a blind eye to the truth that is glaring in my face. I am in a continual process of mastering the art of organization and time management. After twenty years of marriage and seventeen years of motherhood, one would think that I would have the flow of our days down to a science. Nope. I have read the books. Planned the schedules. Implemented the routines. Just when I think we have found our groove, something or someone throws a kink in my plans. It is most likely me sabotaging my own efforts believing I have found a better way to manage my time, family, and home. Will I ever learn? Maybe. Maybe not.

Being organizationally challenged has trickled down to this lovely blog. I am so behind on sharing great reads! Oh, how I love to share a good book with others. But time management? Yep. At the end of the day, as I lie in bed, I think, “Oh, I forgot to blog about this book or that book!” Shameful!

Now I am at the point that I feel so far behind, I’m not sure how to move forward. (Trust me, this happens in all areas of life for me, lol.) Here is my plan. I’m going to update my menu area to show books I have read thus far this year. Hopefully I’ll start getting a few reviews up. They are likely to be short and sweet but still a helpful reference. That is my desire at least. It can be difficult to find books for your children and yourself. It makes me smile to think I am sharing some literary love here in my little space.

And now I’m going to go curl up with a good book and pretend my home is running like a well-oiled machine. I’ll face reality tomorrow.

Finding Our New Groove

No matter how smoothly the days are running, you always reach a point when you need to find a new groove. Children mature, schedules change, and well,  life happens. We are in the midst of that transition time right now as their are shifts happening in our home.

My oldest daughter has been taking two classes at the community college and takes her finals tomorrow. She will have a couple of weeks off before summer classes began. For summer classes she opted for the online option. This is a bonus for me because now I don’t have to take her to and from class. It has really eaten a chunk of time each week that seems to throw those days off balance. Summer will fly by and that means we need to have plans lined up for her senior year. Hard for to grasp some days!

While my oldest sees the end in sight, I have another high school student preparing to take college classes in the fall. A couple of middle schoolers that need a bit more encouragement for independent work. Elementary level kiddos who just seem to soak up so much information and want more and more. Teaching my kindergarten guy to read, working with my preschooler and trying to keep up with a super active 23 month old.

Needless to say my days are full and never boring. Unfortunately they are not flowing well. They seem jumbled, messy, inefficient. So we are working on a new groove. Balancing the needs of various ages and stages. Making sure the important aspects of learning and living are not pushed aside. Finding joy in the everyday and ordinary.

So the blog has been a bit quiet. By the end of the day, I just want to curl up into bed and enjoy a chapter of a good book Books may be my one weakness, you know. I believe they are feeling sorely neglected. Hopefully when I finalize a few plans I will share here. Perhaps my new groove will encourage someone trying to find theirs.

But for now I think I will take a moment with a good book and give my brain a break from all the planning.

Embracing the Early Bird

I am attempting to reset my internal clock. Emphasis on attempting. This battle of early birds versus night owls has been active in our home for years. Articles on the needs and the benefits of following your natural sleep rhythm are all wonderful and lovely. Finally! Justified in our need to sleep in and stay up late! Well, unless you live in the real world.

The real world where husbands have to leave for work at 5:30 am, where toddlers and preschoolers love nothing more than early morning cuddles, and where colleges have classes before lunch. So I am trying to embrace the realities of life instead of fighting them to the death.

It is going really well. This morning when I heard my husband getting ready for work, I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen to pack his lunch for him and chat a few minutes before he left. Fabulous, yes? Wife of the Year? Oh, I think so.

It was a dream. No. joke. I heard  his alarm. I heard him walk out of the bedroom. Then the wonders of the human brain and the sleep cycle decided to have a little fun. When I finally was awake enough to have a coherent thought, it dawned on me that it was all a dream. An hour to two had passed since he left. So much for that Wife of the Year award.

Realizing my missed opportunity I naturally jumped out of bed and charged into the morning. Or not. I might have cuddled under the blankets with a really cute toddler and an adorable, cuddly preschooler and did a bit of Bible reading. Then a couple more kiddos might have come to share the covers and slowly acknowledge the beginning of a new day.  Motivation to exercise had to be uncovered. A chat here and there with an older kiddo or two.

So the battle continues. Tomorrow.


The Night Owl who is trying really hard to reform and become an Early Bird.