Embracing the Early Bird

I am attempting to reset my internal clock. Emphasis on attempting. This battle of early birds versus night owls has been active in our home for years. Articles on the needs and the benefits of following your natural sleep rhythm are all wonderful and lovely. Finally! Justified in our need to sleep in and stay up late! Well, unless you live in the real world.

The real world where husbands have to leave for work at 5:30 am, where toddlers and preschoolers love nothing more than early morning cuddles, and where colleges have classes before lunch. So I am trying to embrace the realities of life instead of fighting them to the death.

It is going really well. This morning when I heard my husband getting ready for work, I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen to pack his lunch for him and chat a few minutes before he left. Fabulous, yes? Wife of the Year? Oh, I think so.

It was a dream. No. joke. I heard  his alarm. I heard him walk out of the bedroom. Then the wonders of the human brain and the sleep cycle decided to have a little fun. When I finally was awake enough to have a coherent thought, it dawned on me that it was all a dream. An hour to two had passed since he left. So much for that Wife of the Year award.

Realizing my missed opportunity I naturally jumped out of bed and charged into the morning. Or not. I might have cuddled under the blankets with a really cute toddler and an adorable, cuddly preschooler and did a bit of Bible reading. Then a couple more kiddos might have come to share the covers and slowly acknowledge the beginning of a new day.  Motivation to exercise had to be uncovered. A chat here and there with an older kiddo or two.

So the battle continues. Tomorrow.


The Night Owl who is trying really hard to reform and become an Early Bird.

Passing the Tissue

This past week, we have done one thing that large families do so well. We shared a cold. I suppose since we still have a lot of stuffy noses, watery eyes, and scratchy throats, I shouldn’t use the past tense. We are sharing a cold. Right now. In this moment. No one is immune. From the toddler to the dad.

We loved our church family enough to keep our sneezes and coughs at home. As we had a fellowship meal schedule after church today, I am sure they appreciated contamination free food. Amen.

There are days when I want to beat my head against the wall thanks to the headache and heartache that technology and internet can bring.  The online world and the number of devices that allow access can be overwhelming to manage at times. Today was a wonderful example of the good of the internet.

Even though we could not gather for corporate worship with our church family, we did worship at home as a family in our living room. It only took a moment and a speaker was plugged in, Bibles and notebooks were handy, and the message began.

The toddler took a nap during the sermon (just like most Sundays; habits are a beautiful thing), little ones kept hands busy but quiet, and the older ones took notes. And it was worship. His Word was preached. Truth was spoken. Hearts were touched.

Instead of passing the plate, we passed the tissue. Praying you all had a wonderful day of worship.

If you might need a message to listen to this week, here is the one we listened to today. For me, it was powerful.

A Tender Word to Pharisees Luke 15:25-31

Just Use Your Brain Power

“Just use your brain power, mom, and check it.”  Last week I order the next level of Fix It Grammar for my daughter, Lydia. (She really enjoys this program.) Her student text was a downloaded product but my teacher’s book is a physical book and should arrive tomorrow. Lydia has already completed a few lessons and wanted to know when I would check it. When she realized I didn’t have my book yet she told me to just “use your brain power and check it”.

She is a funny girl, right? Brain power is to be conserved, young one.

Lydia is not alone in the advice department. Hannah, 10, was eager to share her thoughts with me last week while grocery shopping. I’m not sure if you know this, but a trampoline makes an excellent disciplinary device. Yes, it is. Forget time out or standing in the corner. No need for a swat on the rear end. When your child is misbehaving it is most likely due to bundles of energy and bouncing on a trampoline will solve the issue. I suppose we all have a bit of Tigger in us? To her most heartfelt disappointment, I did not add a trampoline to the grocery list. She is, however, free to run in the backyard or climb a tree when burst of troublesome energy creeps up on her. Or scrub a toilet.

With my house full of witty and brilliant children I am sure more excellent advice will be shared. Consider yourself warned.