Happy Birthday to my Lydia LuLu

A few days ago, we have the pleasure of celebrating Lydia Lu’s 10th birthday. This girl knows how to party!  Due to scheduling conflicts, instead of celebrating on her actual birthday we delayed it a day or two.

The day of celebration began with a free summer movie at the theater, an afternoon full of water guns and water fights and ended with fried chicken, cake and ice cream.

Lydia is a treasure. She is always smiling and laughing. Want to chat? Lydia is your gal. She never meets a stranger and no matter where she goes she has a friend. I love her bubbly personality. Big sister? Oh, yeah. She loves to read to the younger ones and happily rocks the baby whenever needed.

With some coloring pencils and sketchpad, Lydia is content. Drawing after drawing…I love to see what she comes up with. And I can’t wait for the day I see her driving around in her orange VW bug.

Every time I hear her giggle (and her laugh is a true giggle and it is contagious!), I am so thankful that the Lord spared her life. An placental abruption  sent us rushing to the OR like a scene from a medical TV drama. I will forever be grateful for the Lord granted Dr. M the wisdom and skill for an emergency c-section. Love my Lydia Lu.


Look who is 9! Lydia Lu!

Lydia Ruth aka LuLu
9 – August 11th

Lydia Ruth….sweetness.  She giggles. That girly giggle? Lydia has it. I love to hear her giggle.  She makes a friend wherever she goes; so much like her daddy. Lydia has a tender heart….and a stubborn streak.

I think back to nine years ago….I ended up having an emergency c-section.  Placental abruption, race down the hall to OR and waking up not knowing if my precious Lydia had made it. Thankful for God’s sovereignty in placing us in the hospital that morning instead of an hour away.

How did she want to celebrate turning 9?  Coffee cake for breakfast. It was so good! She didn’t care about lunch and I can’t even remember what we had! Dinner was fried chicken, rice w/gravy, and green beans (one of her favorites!) .  Birthday cake? Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake with ice cream, of course. Yum, yum!

Lydia enjoys quiet and alone time. It is not uncommon to look around and find that she has slipped to a quiet corner. Just to enjoy a bit of down time. I completely understand. Not necessarily wanting to be alone but desiring stillness and quiet.

Love you, Lydia!!!

Lydia – age 5