The room was suddenly too quiet….

We were in the midst of math, phonics and science experiments. I realized that my little people were quiet. And they weren’t sleeping. This is not always a good thing.

I found them. Together, of coursed. Thankfully they did not have Sharpies, scissors, water or other means of mass destruction. They only had a book.

Precious, aren’t they? I love watching them grow and play together.

Sympathy Kicks?

Last night, Sam and I were sitting on the couch together. All of a sudden, Baby on the Way decided that he/she was ready to move. After a few minutes of being kicked, I started to rub my belly to calm Baby down.

I look over and see Mr. Cuteness rubbing his belly, too. When he realized I was watching him, he started laughing. Maybe he was feeling a sympathy kick?

Can’t wait to see Mr. Cuteness in the role of Big Brother. I have no doubt that he will handle it fabulously.

And you think your job is hard…

I’m sure your job may have its stressful moments. There are times where you long to take a vacation day. However, Mr. Cuteness bears the burden of protecting 5 fair maidens.

There are days when this mighty warrior encounters battle after battle. He never wavers in his determination.  He never doubts that he will be victorious. But he wasn’t prepared for the surprise attack…….

He fought the good fight….but the peanut butter and jelly sandwich would not be defeated. That sandwich filled the belly of this mighty warrior and he could withstand it no longer. The jelly glob wound pushed him over the edge.  And he slept.