And the Reveal….

I have a lovely header for the What Is It? Wednesday Reveal but my computer is not playing nice! Tsk, tsk.  But the wait is over!


Is this..

We had some really great guesses! But guessing honors has to go to Christopher who guess “peanut M&Ms”. Those are my favorite M&Ms but these happen to be plain. Andrew guess M&Ms in a glass jar so not sure who to call the winner!

Please don’t forget on Wednesday to stop by and see our next What Is It? Wednesday!  And swing by Mountaineer Heritage and see what Michele has as well.

What Is It? Wednesday!

My friend, Michele, has started a fun meme on her blog, Mountaineer Heritage. It is called “What is it? Wednesday!”.  Every Wednesday she posts a close up of an picture. People leave comments giving their guesses for what the picture is.  Some of the guesses are hilarious. My children and I look forward to it every Wednesday. What can I say? We are just wild and crazy people over here.

What Is It? Wednesday now has a linky set up so others can join in the fun and link up on Mountaineer Heritage. This week we decided to join  in the fun. Take a look at the picture, leave a comment with your guess and then come back Friday for the reveal!  While you wait for Friday, head over to Mountaineer Heritage and take a guess at her What Is It? Wednesday!.