And Sweet Ezra is 1!!

Adorable. Funny. Charming. Cute. Energy. Love. Hugs. High Fives. Cuddles.

So hard to believe that a year has gone by. Ezra came into the world fast and furious and he has not slowed down. He is loved and adored by everyone in the house. We are all completely wrapped.

I am savoring every moment of rocking him to sleep and chasing him down the hall. We are so blessed to have this little one in our family. Pure joy.

Happy Birthday, Ezra….

Happy Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago (January 31st), I became a mom for the first time. When that sweet, little baby was placed in my arms, I had no idea of how amazing it is to be a mother. I was blessed that day with Rebekah Grace.

Now that sweet, little baby is a beautiful young lady of sixteen.

I could gush about what a blessing she is and how she humbles me with the young lady she has become. I’m not going to, though. Bekah does not like to be in the spotlight. So I’m going to restrain myself.

Happy Birthday, Bekah Girl. I am so thankful the Lord let me be your mom.

And the Birthday Girls

Once we wrap up Caleb’s and Sam’s birthdays, we have a short break to regroup and then it is time for Hannah and Sarah to party!

We had to do some shifting around since we had quick travel plans that started on Hannah’s birthday. I had a conference with the two girls to work out a plan that would save my sanity.

Hannah’s birthday was Saturday the 22rd and Sarah’s birthday was Thursday the 27th. Yes, Sarah’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. She was not thrilled. Sarah is not a big fan of turkey.

Here was the plan: On Thanksgiving Day we would celebrate both birthdays. At lunch we would have Sarah’s birthday meal of burger and fries. In the afternoon we would have two cakes because they could not agree on that point, lol. Then dinner would be a full Thanksgiving meal because that is what Hannah wanted. No problem. Ahem.

Hey, birthdays (and Thanksgiving) come once a year so why not do it in style? We had lots of leftovers and that is a beautiful thing!

Happy Birthday to my Hannah Joy! She is a bundle of energy and joy. Loves to be outdoors in the woods or riding her bike. Super smart and witty. She brightens up our home so much!

Happy Birthday to my Sarah Bear! She has matured greatly in the last year. She likes to be busy and right in the middle of life. She loves to take care of Ezra and is a great big sister. I love how she if full of questions. She is a hard worker and a delight.