The Girls’ Turn to Party!

After celebrating the Boys’ Birthdays, we have a short break before the partying begins again. This time for the girls. Since Hannah and Sarah have a whole five days between their birthdays, they have chosen to celebrate separately. This is probably a good thing as meal selection would be challenging with these two!

Hannah Joy turned 8 on November 22nd.  What a joy she is. Always smiling, full of energy, and ready for adventure. She loves to draw and create with paper. Enjoys reading a bit but will quickly put her book away for a chance to run in the woods.

Hannah is a no frills kind of gal. Comfy clothes and a simple pony tail is all she needs to be ready for the day. Her birthday request was to have Indians on her birthday cake; no princesses needed. Hamburger and fries were the birthday meal. No one was complaining.

Sarah Michal turned 6 on November 27th. She was very thankful that her birthday did not fall on Thanksgiving this year (both girls’ birthdays can fall on Thanksgiving); having turkey for her birthday dinner is not a good thing. Sarah’s choice? Bacon. Smart girlie.

Sarah is growing up so quickly. Her strong spirit and quick temper have mellowed as she has gotten older. She does like to stay busy. A bored Sarah is one who tends to find trouble. She loves her school work and drawing. And more drawing. And hey, why not some more drawing? And cutting all the things she draws. She should have asked for a case of paper for her birthday. I do love my Sarah Bear!!

Happy Birthday to my very special girlies!!!!.

Happy Birthday to my Lydia LuLu

A few days ago, we have the pleasure of celebrating Lydia Lu’s 10th birthday. This girl knows how to party!¬† Due to scheduling conflicts, instead of celebrating on her actual birthday we delayed it a day or two.

The day of celebration began with a free summer movie at the theater, an afternoon full of water guns and water fights and ended with fried chicken, cake and ice cream.

Lydia is a treasure. She is always smiling and laughing. Want to chat? Lydia is your gal. She never meets a stranger and no matter where she goes she has a friend. I love her bubbly personality. Big sister? Oh, yeah. She loves to read to the younger ones and happily rocks the baby whenever needed.

With some coloring pencils and sketchpad, Lydia is content. Drawing after drawing…I love to see what she comes up with. And I can’t wait for the day I see her driving around in her orange VW bug.

Every time I hear her giggle (and her laugh is a true giggle and it is contagious!), I am so thankful that the Lord spared her life. An placental abruption  sent us rushing to the OR like a scene from a medical TV drama. I will forever be grateful for the Lord granted Dr. M the wisdom and skill for an emergency c-section. Love my Lydia Lu.


Happy (ahem, late) Birthday, Mary

While I was doing some behind the scenes work on my blog, I discovered that I never did a birthday post for Mary. When she turned 13. In April. Guess I don’t need to clear a spot for that Mom of the Year Award, right?

Thankfully, Mary is a very gracious, forgiving young lady and she loves me anyway. I do buy her chocolate and let her stay up late for movies, so it all balances out.

I’m not sure what I would do without this precious, young lady. She brings smiles and laughter to our home.

One thing that I notice again and again about Mary is how she loves the little ones. No matter what special treat she is whipping up, she always invits a little one to help her. Mary can turn the simple task of folding laundry into a game that has all the little ones begging to play.

I love to hear Mary play the piano. Even without lessons, she is constantly learning more and more. She is doing an excellent job of pushing herself and working hard. The results are beautiful.

I am excited to see how the Lord uses her in the coming year. She has become a delightful young lady with many talents. Praying that the Lord will use them in mighty ways.

Happy Birthday, Mary!