Organizationally Challenged and My Reads

In my mind, there is this beautiful image of an experienced mother who manages with grace and patience her humble abode and those precious offspring she has been blessed with. Then in the quiet of the evening, taking a moment of deep reflection, I think, “What in the world happened?!?!”

Reality of the Organizationally Challenged. This is what happened, my friends. There is no denying it. No sugar coating it. No turning a blind eye to the truth that is glaring in my face. I am in a continual process of mastering the art of organization and time management. After twenty years of marriage and seventeen years of motherhood, one would think that I would have the flow of our days down to a science. Nope. I have read the books. Planned the schedules. Implemented the routines. Just when I think we have found our groove, something or someone throws a kink in my plans. It is most likely me sabotaging my own efforts believing I have found a better way to manage my time, family, and home. Will I ever learn? Maybe. Maybe not.

Being organizationally challenged has trickled down to this lovely blog. I am so behind on sharing great reads! Oh, how I love to share a good book with others. But time management? Yep. At the end of the day, as I lie in bed, I think, “Oh, I forgot to blog about this book or that book!” Shameful!

Now I am at the point that I feel so far behind, I’m not sure how to move forward. (Trust me, this happens in all areas of life for me, lol.) Here is my plan. I’m going to update my menu area to show books I have read thus far this year. Hopefully I’ll start getting a few reviews up. They are likely to be short and sweet but still a helpful reference. That is my desire at least. It can be difficult to find books for your children and yourself. It makes me smile to think I am sharing some literary love here in my little space.

And now I’m going to go curl up with a good book and pretend my home is running like a well-oiled machine. I’ll face reality tomorrow.

Mayhem Monday – The Rainy Edition

It would be very easy for me to look back over my day and definitely find moments of mayhem and chaos. Oh, yes, I could. Traveling to an orthodontist appointment over an hour away in the morning rush hour on a rainy Monday….mayhem, my friends.

Coming home to a toddler who was not happy that momma kissed him good morning and then disappeared for one too many hours.

Mice on Monday. I don’t know about you but this would most assuredly guarantee a bit of mayhem and madness. The soybean fields were harvested. Little critters are looking for new, cozy homes. Let it be known, my little rodents, my home is not it. Country living has the dark side.

Totally missing your exit and not realizing it until you are about twelve miles past it. Yes. It qualifies for Mayhem Monday.

But! But, but, but……at the end of the day, I look back and I can’t focus on those not so happy moments. It was a much longer day than planned due to rain, traffic, accidents, and missed exits. But! We had safe travels. The accidents we saw while driving all appeared to be minor. So very thankful!!

Those cranky little kiddos? I’m the mom who got to hold and rock and cuddle with them. The day will come that they won’t mind not seeing me all day.

That missed exit? I learned a new way home. Now I know.

I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna. But….shouldn’t we look for the small mercies and little joys in the midst of the mayhem? In the midst of the mundane?

What small mercies and little joys can you give Him praise for today?



Wait. Is it Tuesday?

Deep down inside, I knew that it was Tuesday. Really. I knew the day. However, for some reason, I kept thinking it iwas Monday. Then reminding myself it was Tuesday. People, that is sleep deprivation talking.

Why isn’t this homeschooling mom of nine sleeping? I know. Crazy. Sixteen month old with a cold. Yeah. I know you understand. It seems that when you are an adorable toddler the only comfy place to sleep when you are sick is on your mommy’s head. After you have gently kickboxed her to the very edge of the mattress. Yeah. Needless to say I didn’t wake up singing about cotton candy and unicorns.

I am all about redeeming the day. Some days may be redeemed a bit slower than others but that is okay! This day needed some redemption.

How did I redeem this day? I thought about James and the Psalms often. You can ask my kiddos. Those are my most favorite.

I opted not to scream and crash to the ground in the fetal position when my girlie started playing Christmas music on the piano. If I’m sweating, it isn’t time for Christmas music, people. Fall, will you please come and visit for more than two days? Thanks.

For the first time ever, I made homemade doughnuts using a fabulous copycat Krispy Kreme recipe. Oh, man. They were melt in your mouth goodness. Yes, they were. Yummy rings of fried dough happiness. If that doesn’t redeem the day, what does, my friends?

It was Lydia’s day for kitchen duty. I pretty much brought destruction to our tiny kitchen making doughnuts, chicken stock, and dinner. However, I told her I would tackle the dishes if she was willing to dry. Fabulous time with my conversational gal. Lydia loves to talk and it was the perfect time. No one interrupted because they couldn’t risk being drafted to kitchen duty. Interruption free conversation is a precious thing.

So it was a rainy Tuesday that I thought was Monday. Yeah, I forgot about science and grammar with my younger middle kiddos.  The little one is stuffy and miserable. It looks like I’m in for another long night. So thankful for grace and mercy.