When Crickets Cry

Several weeks ago a friend recommended two books that she thought I would enjoy. I jotted them down on my to read list and tackled my current reads. When I was ready to start a new book or two, I discovered that the libraries I frequent did not have either book. Thankfully Inter-Library Loan came to the rescue. One of the books, When Crickets Cry (Charles Martin), arrived a week or so ago.

I generally bump ILL books to the top of my reading list so they can be quickly returned to their home library systems. Pushing the other books aside, I dived right into When Crickets Cry. In hindsight, I should have prepared myself better. My reading selections consists of a variety of styles and genres. It was a trusted friend who recommended the book so I was not concerned over offensive content.So after a casual glance at the book  synopsis,I began reading. What I wasn’t prepared for was how this book was going to touch my heart and yes, make me cry. It might have even brought out the ugly cry once or twice.

A man with a painful past. A child with a doubtful future. And a shared journey toward healing for both their hearts.

When Crickets Cry shares the story of Reese, Emma, Charlie, Annie, and  Cindy. One afternoon in a small town in Georgia, lives are forever changed when the unexpected happens. There is so much more I could share but I really don’t want to give away the beauty of this story. I will say that it is a beautiful, bittersweet story of love, friendship, loss, grief, forgiveness, and redemption. While the story does share much about the technical workings of the heart, it serves only to highlight the capacity of our hearts to love and heal.  And hope that God so graciously gives to us. There is always a thread of hope woven throughout When Crickets Cry.

This is a story of lives changed, sacrifices made, gifts used, and joy restored. From the first pages, I knew that the characters and their stories were going to be powerful.

What books make you cry?

‘Tis the Season…to be reading

Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving in a lovely but simple way. A feast around the table with joyful fellowship and thankful hearts. With only dishes to wash, I am sure there will be hours devoted to games and the great outdoors. In our family, there will also be reading going on.

Is it not the perfect time for an evening of reading? Everyone is well fed, leftovers are saved for another day, energy has been spent, and all is quiet. You grab a good read, find a comfy spot and a cozy blanket. Sounds perfect, right? Why, yes, it does. What could be better but a little holiday reading? I have the just the book for you!

Chautona Havig has long been a favorite author in our home. The Annals of Wynnewood and the Not-So-Fairy Tales are well loved by my children. My older girls and I have enjoyed many of her books written for adults. When I had the opportunity to read Chautona’s newest book while she was in the process of writing it, I was thrilled. Carol and the Belles is being released Thanksgiving evening and is a perfect way to end the day.

Carol and Michal have been lifelong pen pals. Through the years, letters have crossed the ocean and formed an amazing friendship. After all these years, Carol finally has the opportunity to come and visit Michal. From the moment Carol steps off the plane, plans take an unexpected turn for Carol and for Michal. With help from the “belles”, Michal tries to make Carol’s visit fun and memorable. There are just some things that can’t be planned.

Intrigued? I hope. There is a delicate balance in sharing about a book without giving it away! Carol and the Belles can perhaps be categorized as a romantic comedy. You will likely find yourself laughing, hoping the right person gets the girl, and maybe even shed a tear or two. A perfect light-hearted read but not fluff! There is depth gently woven into this story. How we see people, how they present themselves…what is real and true? Do we trust in the comfortable or are we willing to take a step of faith? Are we willing to sacrifice our happiness for what is true and right? We also find out the perfect traveling attire. Ha!

Guess what? There is a bonus! If you grab the book this weekend (November 26 – 30), you get a FREE short story that contains letters from over the years between Michal and Carol.  So fun to take a peak into how their friendship developed over time.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, drink, and be reading!


Wednesday with Words- Evidence Not Seen

Evidence Not Seen: A Woman’s Miraculous Faith in a Japanese Prison Camp During WWII (Darlene Deibler) finally arrived via inter-library loan. My only complaint is that I don’t have enough time to sit and read. A little reading here and there is torture. Last night I even sat up way too late to get a chapter in before bed. It was worth it. My mind and heart have been thinking much today.

“When the truck arrived on Friday, there was not a person among us who felt lead to leave. As Dr. Jaffray had said, “God does not work in confusion, a wife against a husband or vice versa, in a matter that concerns both of you. This is but a confirmation to your hearts of His directive.

Some three days later, it was reported that the ship had been torpedoed and sunk. There was no known survivors. Then I knew why God had said, ‘Don’t go.’ It is imperative that we know the voice of the Shepherd and learn to follow Him when He speaks. We must be obedient, no matter what He says to us; it may even mean our life. ” p41


“Take seven very individual, independent women and one gentleman, accustomed to being a leader, put them in cramped quarters such as these in which we were now being confined, and what do you have? Put God in the midst, and you have that rare and beautiful thing known as the fellowship of the saints. ” p62


I am looking forward to a bit of quiet tonight to read some more.