Habla espanol?


My children have desired to learn Spanish for some time. When we had the opportunity to review SpeekeeTV they were beyond excited! The hardest part about this review is to make sure I tell you all the wonderful things about Speekee. So in an effort to keep this concise and informative, I’m going to break the review down so I don’t write a novel about why I love this program!

What is Speekee?

Speekee is an immersion Spanish program designed for children ages 2-10. In the program, there are native Spanish speaking children so you have the benefit of correct pronunciation and accent. Information is presented through real children, puppets, songs and everyday locations and situations that will be familiar to your child.

This is Speekee. Speekee is loved by my 3 year old!

Another great feature about this program is the encouragement to participate. Your child (and you) will quickly join in with the songs. (Trust me, I sing them all day long.) Throughout the program, Speekee will look to your child and say “y tu?” (and you?) There is a pause that gives the child an opportunity to speak the Spanish back.

Some of the places you will go are el mercado (the market), la playa (the beach) and el parque (the park). We shop for naranjas y pinas. (oranges and pineapple). We go to el zoo and see el leones (lions) . We learn to cuidado! (be careful) when crossing the street.

Sock puppets. What child can resist cute sock puppets?

How can you enjoy Speekee?

Speekee is 10 episodes and over 150 minutes of Spanish immersion. There are three different ways to obtain the program. They have Speekee TV (online), Speekee via DVD and Speekee at school.

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing for a school you can go here. The school option gives 2 years of “scheme of work” (lessons) for the school setting, activities and online access to more resources. There is a 30-day free trial available for schools.

Speekee DVD has the episodes on 4 DVD discs. It also includes a songbook, parent guide and audio CD with the songs. However, Speekee is a UK based company so their DVD are PAL format and are not compatible with most North American DVD players. You can read more about the Speekee DVD here.

Speekee TV is where you can view the episodes online and the method that I reviewed. Online viewing still gives you the 10 episodes of over 150 minutes of immersion Spanish.  With each episode there are worksheets available to download for reinforcement of what they have learned. The worksheets will have them writing a few words, matching pictures to words, etc. My 7 year old loved the worksheets.

Adorable Spanish children in Spain.

Speekee TV is available through a monthly subscription of $7.50 (or 4.95 pounds for the UK).  Why would you want a monthly subscription? You are going to watch the episodes again and again. Your children are going to beg you to watch them. They are going to squeal with delight when they Speekee on the screen. (OK, my almost 12 year didn’t squeal but she learned a good bit of Spanish.) It is the beauty of the immersion method. The more they watch, the more they learn.

You can try Speekee TV two weeks for free and then decide if you want to continue with a monthly subscription.

There's Jim. Speekee's friend.

Why do you want to try Speekee?

*10 episodes/150 minutes of Spanish

*Engaging songs, children and puppets

*Real life settings make it fun and practical

*Immersion method helps your child to learn quickly

*It is fun! I watch it with my children every time.

*You can try it for free!

My family has thoroughly enjoyed Speekee. Throughout the day they are speaking Spanish because Speekee teaches real life and practical Spanish. I can tell my children to “eschucha” (listen) and they can say “como?” (pardon? ).  At the dinner table they can say “me gusta” ( I like it) and can ask me to buy “naranjas y pinas” (oranges and pineapple) from the store.

If you want to see what others have to say about Speekee, head on over to the Crew!

**Disclaimer – As a member of the TOS Crew, I was given complimentary access to this program for review purposes. No compensation was made. Opinions expressed are my own.

Dream Home

During dinner tonight, we were enjoying a bit of conversation. Chatting about how Daddy was going to be able to repair Caleb’s glasses. Exciting topics around our table.

Suddenly, there was a change in the discussion. A change that I believe needs to be shared with other moms who are sitting back and thinking of their dream home. I think Mary has stumbled upon the perfect dream home.

Hershey’s Kiss House. Mmhmmm. You read that right. A chocolate house. You buy your gigantic Hershey’s Kiss and you eat out your doors and windows. Once that is completed you eat out rooms, hallways, stairs and secret passages, of course.

Won’t we get sick from all this eating, Mary?

Oh, no. We are specially made to be able to eat the chocolate without getting sick.

Sign. Me. Up.

Brilliant, yes?

I did not burst her dream home bubble. I was enjoying it myself. However, in the South, it would be more of a chocolate pool than a house. Sigh. Back to dreaming……