Travel the World

Are your suitcases pack? Passport is ready? Let’s travel around the world!!

Sounds too good to be true? Actually you and your children can travel around the world and never have to worry about missing luggage and strange foods.  This wonderful unit study from The Old Schoolhouse will help you Travel the World.  

Travel the World is a e-book module add on to The Schoolhouse Planner but can also be used as a stand alone unit study.  I used it as a stand alone unit study with four of my children and we all enjoyed our travels.

There is so much wonderful information packed into this unit study! We studied our map, visited al the continents and studied God’s Word. My children love to use the computer and Travel the World was full of links to check out online. Here is my trick to handling computer links and several children.

I created a folder on my desktop for each continent and then added the links I wanted them to visit. This way their computer time could be “independent” because I had already screened the links. One of the favorite links was finding Hannah using latitude and longitude coordinates. My Hannah found this extremely entertaining.

Included in the unit study/module are print outs for lapbooking. One of the activities was to pick a country you would like to visit, research it and create a lapbook. There are also print outs for a crossword puzzle, wordsearch, word scramble, and more. (My two girls were quite stumped on the word scramble. Who knew mountain was such a tough word to unscramble?) I love the copywork provided! We use Scripture often for our copywork and I was delighted to see it used in this unit. My only issue with the copywork is we a handwriting program that doesn’t used the dotted line and that threw a couple of my children a bit off. Nothing we couldn’t work around. I will say that I love that almost all the printouts were black and white. I know I live in the dark ages but I don’t have a color printer. I love when black and white printable are available!

All of us have enjoyed this unit study; from the preschooler to the 6th grader. There was something for everyone to do and learn. My older children had a great time helping the younger ones with certain activities. A High School Expansion is included with this unit so it can be utilized for K- High School.

If you want to find out more about Travel the World June 2010 Module, please visit The Schoolhouse Store to buy a copy for your family. This wonderful resourse is only $7.95! So much information that you can use with all your children as a stand alone study or enrichment to whatever you are currently using. They also offer many more modules….Beloved Bible Stories, Insects Galore, Wonders of Flight….all for a great price!

Disclaimer: I was provided a  complimentary copy of Travel the World by The Old Schoolhouse to be reviewed as a part of TOS crew. No financial compensation was made to me.