Escape from the Library

Well, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (Chris Grabenstein) to be exact.

Kyle Keeley is a twelve year old boy who loves games, especially video games. Reading a good book? There is definitely no interest for Kyle. Why read when he could be playing the latest Lemoncello game? All of this changes with a contest to play Mr. Lemoncello’s most amazing game yet: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.

Kyle’s town of Alexandria, Ohio lost their town library twelve years ago. Mr. Lemoncello lived in Alexandria as a boy and loved nothing more than an afternoon in the library with a good book. To celebrate this love of reading, Mr. Lemoncello has built a new library complete with holographic images, hovercrafts for reaching those high shelves, and an intense game room. And now the great game of escape begins…..

To celebrate the grand opening of the library, twelve 12 year old students enter and the first one to find the way out (not the door they came in) will be the big winner. Who can be the first to find and decipher the clues? Who will be the first one to find the way out that wasn’t the way in?

My kiddos and I enjoyed Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. It was a fun, lighthearted read perfect for those hot, summer afternoons. My older ones enjoyed catching literary references (and there were many) and we all enjoyed the game aspect.  My children were all trying to follow the clues and figure out the path of escape before the end. Those who are familiar with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory might get a sense of familiarity. I think fans of The Westing Game would be at home with Mr. Lemoncello as well.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is an enjoyable read for ages 9 – 12. While we read it aloud and enjoyed it,  I think it is best suited to individual reading. It would make a great book club  selection as there is lots of opportunity for discussion on game play, sportsmanship, teamwork, etc. Your reader might just ask for another book or two.

And…I just discovered that Mr. Lemoncello is coming back! Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics should hit the bookshelves early 2016. I know it will be on our to read list.



Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons are sometimes spent just relaxing around the house. This afternoon was one of those days. As soon as we arrived home from church, some ran off to get in pajamas and others grabbed comfy clothes.

boards games

After cleaning up the kitchen, requests to play Scrabble were offered up and well, who could say no? I did ask for a few moments to whip up a batch of No Bake Cookies and then the fun could begin.


I have always loved a board game or card game. Such fun!  It is fabulous that I have children who share my love for a good game – and they are competitive! Love that, too.

knit a throw

As much as I cherish times of CandyLand and Connect Four, I so enjoy playing with my older children. The little one are hovering close by and some are working on crafty things.  Conversation flows, cookies are consumed and drinks get spilled.


While contemplating her next move, Bekah grabbed a Hawthorne book to look for high value words to play.  Sadly, all the words she liked, she didn’t have the letters to play.  I suggested the dictionary might be a better choice. I suppose Hawthorne might have been more interesting.

paper dolls

Once Scrabble was over, the competitive spirit was still high so we moved on to Pictionary. We might have gotten a bit loud on this one. Ahem. Toss in a round or two of Phase 10 and the afternoon had drifted into the evening.

straw cups

While Martha was not interested in Scrabble or a card game, she did enjoy sitting at the table and mastering the straw.  Who cares that she was soaking wet? Her laughter was priceless.

A relaxing Sunday afternoon….what a precious gift from the Lord.  How do you spend your Sunday afternoons? What games do you enjoy playing with your family?

A relaxing Sunday afternoon leads the way to a Happy Monday!

Crazy Casa K