Growing Up Wild!

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.  Acts 1: 8

Whether in your neighborhood or in the jungles of a foreign land, we have been commanded to share the Word. Our family is blessed to know a few missionary families serving in Africa, Ireland and Indonesia. Over the years we have been able to see a glimpse of what life is like for them; the challenges they face, the joys they receive, the adventures they have. Just a glimpse.  Recently, we were able to take a closer look at life in Indonesia through Growing Up Wild.


The Wild Family is a missionary family serving the Wano Tribe in Indonesia. While serving in Indonesia, the Wild Family were led to create a series of educational DVDs that would show the day to day life of a missionary family living in the jungle. The purpose of the DVDs would not only be used as a tool to share their experiences but to encourage children to learn more about missions and to impact the world around them. Throughout the videos the Wild boys, Morgan, Kian, Hudson and Asher, guide us through their world with their parents, Mike and Libby, providing narration.  The Wilds filmed and produced this series on their own. Now that is a great hands on homeschool project!

The Growing Up Wild DVDs each consist of three 15 min episodes that take you into the daily lives of the Wild brothers. There are 5 DVDs available and we were able to enjoy Volume 1 and Volume 4. On these two volumes we learned about: Home Sweet Hut, Supply Trip, Sun & Water,  Amazing World Around Us, Adventures in Culture and Tribal Calling. Growing Up Wild is designed with 5 -12 year olds in mind but will be enjoyed by your whole family!

Map skills

The Tribe finding where the Wilds and the Wano people live.

The information about life as missionaries in remote locations and seeing how life is for them was fascinating. To get a picture of how the Wilds have adapted to live among the Wano people while maintaining the comforts of their homeland was fun to see. From the outside, the Wilds’ hut looks much like that of the Wano people but once you are inside there is a beautiful blend of both cultures…. and the Lego loft is outstanding. You will learn about how the Wano people deal with conflict inside their tribe, their food and how they are hearing and responding to the Gospel. My husband was impressed with their water system and it is amazing to see how they use God’s creation to provide clean water and power.

Venn Diagram

A Venn Diagram comparing our home with The Wild Brothers’ home.

Not only are the DVDs informative and entertaining but an activity DVD is included. After viewing each episode, the Wild Mom, Libby, gives a variety of activities that can be done to reinforce what was learned and to serve as a starting point for deeper research on a variety of topics. After viewing Home Sweet Hut on Volume 1 one of the activities was to make a venn diagram to compare our home with the Wilds. We decided to do ours on the dry erase board so even our youngest could join in the fun. The activities that are suggested are broad enough that their is something for everyone. Build your own Wano hut from sticks, interview an elderly person in your family, take a trip to the zoo to see native animals, observe bugs in your yard and make a solar oven to bake a pizza or cookies.

Growing Up Wild Volume 1

Growing Up Wild Volume 1

Growing Up Wild DVDs are a great addition to your homeschool or co-op. We have watched the DVDs more than once and I know we will watch them again. You can use these as  a tool for science, nature study, geography and more! Our family would love to have the other three volumes to enjoy.

Growing Up Wild

The Wild Family

A precautionary note: The Wano people are in their native dress throughout the videos. I expected nothing different. If you are going to be bothered by seeing tribal members in native clothing, then you may want to preview the videos at to make sure you are comfortable with these DVDs. The Wilds also take an approach that some may  have issues with. The Wano people have their noses pierced through the septum. In Volume 4, two of the Wild brothers are allowed to have their septum pierced as well and you get to see the whole process. If your family does not agree with this, it could offer a great point of discussion. I don’t share this as a point for you not to buy it but so if your convictions differ, you can be prepared to discuss. We thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes and had a great discussion after each one!

Purchasing Information:

Each Growing Up Wild Volume is $18.99 plus shipping/handling. Each DVD comes with an activity guide.

You can buy all 5 Volumes for $80.99 plus shipping/handling. A 15% discount!

And you are supporting a homeschooling, missionary family in the wilds of Indonesia while learning about impacting your world through sharing the gospel!

Other Crew members were able to enjoy Growing Up Wild as well, so please stop by the Crew to see what others are saying about the Wild Brothers. Make sure you take time to visit to learn more about Growing Up Wild.

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Schoolhouse Teachers ~ Resources at Your Fingertips


One of the biggest challenges you can face as a homeschool parent, is bringing together a curriculum plan that meets the needs of your students.  Varying learning styles, wide age spans, time constraints and financial challenges can really up the difficulty. Thankfully we have access to a wealth of resources available online. Accessing those online resources just became a lot easier., formerly Teacher’s Toolbox, from The Old Schoolhouse magazine has been restructured and expanded to meet the range of needs of homeschool families. From preschool to high school; literature to math, Schoolhouse Teachers has something for everyone!

Due to the amount of resources on Schoolhouse Teachers, there is no way I can cover them all. Daily, weekly and monthly resources are provided by some of the most well known names for homeschool curricula. I am going to highlight a few areas and then you can grab a glass of liquid refreshment and browse around!

Daily Grammar – Every day a new grammar lesson is available on the site. From capitalization review to contractions, the concise grammar lessons are perfect for a bit of grammar review. If you use the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschool but have a child who enjoys a worksheet, these are perfect. Perhaps you are shifting gears with your curriculum, the daily grammar is perfect to keep your child’s grammar skills in use but not overwhelming them in the process.

Literature – This is a monthly literature study. The current study is focused on The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander. Adam Andrews will take your child through a  study of great works of literature. Learning about setting, plot, conflict and more.  Questions are provided so as your child reads through the selection, you can have discussions that bring about understanding and knowledge. It can often be overwhelming trying to balance the needs of older students and a helping hand in literature can help ease that struggle.

Reading List – In the  Schoolhouse Library section, there is a monthly reading list provided by Michele Miller of TruthQuest History. Providing reading suggestions for all ages, the Reading List makes your next trip to the library a breeze. Offering suggestions in economics, art, leadership and more, the Reading List will offer a wide range of learning for your students!

PreK Activities: Read and Play – Not sure what to do to engage you younger learners? Want some ideas to get you rolling? Read and Play takes delightful picture books such as The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and give suggestions to make learning fun. From exploring what is growing in your neighborhood to planting your own little seeds, Read and Play helps the busy mom spend some focused time on her little ones.

Membership to Schoolhouse Teachers also gives you a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine now provided in a digital format. Not only will you enjoy the current month’s magazine, you also have access to past issues. The digital format is colorful and easy to use.

One feature that I must is the school planners that are available with your membership. There are 5 different homeschool planners. Yes, five!  They are: Parent Planner, Special Learner Planner, Primary, Intermediate and High School. All have special features that make them suited for a specific level of learning. The planners are so much more than lesson plan templates!

Here is a sampling of what you can find in these planners:

*Articles written to the students

*Bible reading plans


*Goal planning sheets

*Task Analysis cards for building life skills

*Chore charts

*Must Know Lists (great for memory work)

And so much more! All five planners are available to download when you subscribe to Schoolhouse Teachers!


There is no way I can adequately cover what is available, so please take a moment to view some samples available here. You can also take a site tour.

How much is a subscription to

Your first month at Schoolhouse Teachers is only $1. After the first month the subscription price is $5.95; you can stop it at any time. You can pay via credit card or paypal.

Still wondering if this is the resource for you? Head over to the Crew and see what others are saying about the wide range of resources from Schoolhouse Teacher!


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Map Trek ~ Knowledge Quest

When beginning a new book. one of the first things we often look for is a map. While reading a book, we may take a peek at our world map to locate the setting of the book. Naturally, while studying history, we want our maps!  To truly understand the journeys of Columbus, to see the expanse of the Roman Empire and to watch the westward expansion of the young United States, maps provide images to help the information come together and be understood.

It can be a challenging and time consuming task to pull together maps and ones that appropriately represent the time, places, people and events you are studying. Knowledge Quest has a wonderful resource that makes utilizing maps in all your studies so very simple! We have been using Map Trek Complete Collection 6 Ebook set for the past several weeks and I am loving this resource.

Map Trek Complete Collection covers history from Ancient to Modern, includes US Edition Maps and Atlas maps as well. With the complete collection you will have access to over 350 maps. The maps are already set up for easy printing and use. You can print out labeled or blank outline maps which are perfect for having students fill in cities, countries, travels for the time period being studied. If you are teaching multiple students, you can print out as many copies as you need; as often as you need.

If you do map drills, Map Trek is perfect for this! You can print out a blank outline map and have the children complete it from memory. The Atlas maps are designed to print out with just latitude and longitude lines to help your child draw in continents to scale. Wonderful resource!

While using Map Trek, I print out a labeled map and a blank map. As we study a certain time period, I will have the children label a map. After a few days of utilizing the completed map, I give them a blank one to fill in. A little map test. They aren’t always excited about it but their geographical knowledge is better than mine! And it provides a clear image of how location plays into history. While studying Catherine the Great recently, we used a Map Trek Map to help us see her journey to Russia and exactly where she lived. It really helped to solidify what we were studying!

Map Trek Complete Collection can also be used to add to your literature studies.  Reading Chronicles of Narnia? You can quickly pull up a Map Trek map and place Peter and Lucy on the map. Maybe you want to learn a bit about the author of your books. Reading Austen right now? Print out a map and see where she lived. What else was going on during that time period? There really are so many options for utilizing Map Trek!

And I must share this wonderful FREE resource that Knowledge Quest has provided. Curriculum Integration Guide. Knowledge Quest has matched up Map Trek Maps with popular history curricula like Story of the World, TruthQuest, Veritas Press, Ambleside Online and more! Go take a look!

You can also experience a sample of Map Treks. Knowledge Quest has a Map Trek Sample Pack (scroll to bottom of page) available so you can truly try before you buy. 47 pages of maps from 4 Map Trek E books that you can easily download and use to see if this is the map collection for you!


Map Trek Complete Collection 6 Ebook Set – World and American History – Download Version – $47

You can also purchase the Map Treks separately if desired for $14.95.

Last Thoughts:

*Great resource for all ages and all family sizes.

*Easy to download and to print.

*Options for various map uses.

*Works with any history curricula; so no new maps needed if your history plans change.


*Owned by a homeschooling family.

Want to see what others are saying? Head on over to the Crew. You can read more reviews on Map Trek Complete Collection and Time Maps as well.


**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary download of the product for the purpose of review. No compensation was made. The opinions/thoughts expressed in this post are my own.