Sing Praises

Psalm 98

 1 Oh, sing to the LORD a new song!
         For He has done marvelous things;
         His right hand and His holy arm have gained Him the victory.
 2 The LORD has made known His salvation;
         His righteousness He has revealed in the sight of the nations.
 3 He has remembered His mercy and His faithfulness to the house of Israel;
         All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.

 4 Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth;
         Break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises.
 5 Sing to the LORD with the harp,
         With the harp and the sound of a psalm,
 6 With trumpets and the sound of a horn;
         Shout joyfully before the LORD, the King.

 7 Let the sea roar, and all its fullness,
         The world and those who dwell in it;
 8 Let the rivers clap their hands;
         Let the hills be joyful together
          9 before the LORD,
         For He is coming to judge the earth.
         With righteousness He shall judge the world,
         And the peoples with equity.


Tonight, we were running a bit behind schedule. It had been one of those days. A day where I was tired of the little battles with cute little kiddos…a day where the thoughts of issues out of my control were weighing heavy on my mind….a day when I decided to be anxious about too many things…. a day I didn’t spend focused on the Lord and His sovereignty.

By 8:00 tonight, I was done. I made it clear that read aloud might not happen tonight. I wanted to just. be. alone.

Then the Lord showered me with His love and grace. As we gathered together as a family to pray, as I heard the voices of my little ones casting their concerns to the Lord, as I had one cuddled up against me….the Lord opened my eyes to how I had lost my focus today.

Everyone headed to their rooms after prayer; everyone except Sam. He decided to fight sleep. And in a moment, I so weak on my own, was immediately frustrated. Then I saw a hymnal. In an attempt to sing Sam to sleep, I worshiped. Oh, how I sang praises to His name and my heart broke at my lack of faith.

Thank you, Lord, for that sweet, precious time of worship. Of singing to You..about You..thank You for saving me.