Vintage Remedies

When I heard of Vintage Remedies the title intrigue me and I was delighted to be able to review one of their products for young ladies. Vintage Remedies for Girls is designed to teach girls, ages 7-13, about healthy and natural living. While we are not a strict healthy eating family, we do try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and try to be smart with the resources that we use in our home. Having 3 girls that fit the age range for this book, I knew it would be a great tool to have on hand.

Vintage Remedies for Girls has 3 sections: Food, Nutrition and Culinary Skills; Health and Body; and Natural Living. Within these sections a wide range of topics are covered: Real Food, Kitchen Basics, Growing Your Own Food, Coughs and Colds, Immunity and Prevention, Hospitality, Cleaner Cleaning and more!

It is a simple product to utilize; whether as a formal study or just a book to casually pull information from as needed. After reading the information on Real Food in chapter one, there will be a featured project. For chapter one it was Strawberry Fruit Bars. Yum!  Other projects are given as well such as homemade pizza or granola bars. The same model is followed throughout the book.

In our home we already cook  from scratch, but I find there is always more to learn. I really appreciated the section on Health and Body. As a mom of 6 girls, I value books that promote healthy living. It is so easy to fall into a lifestyle of junk food and to teach our young ladies early about taking care of their bodies is so important.

If you choose to use the book formally, quizzes and a recommended schedule are provided. We decided to take a more laid back approach which works well for us. The girls grab the book, read what interest them and then they can choose a project if they wish.

Vintage Remedies for Girls can be purchased for $45.00. The book is over 200 pages and non-consumable. It would also work great for a group study as well!

Vintage Remedies also provides: Vintage Remedies for Guys, Vintage Remedies for Kids and Vintage Remedies for Tweens. Vintage Remedies is not limited to resources for children. Make sure you look around to see all that they offer for healthier living!

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**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this product for review. No compensation was made.

Flexibility Leads to Mom of the Year

We have a little tradition in our home. Sunday afternoons we all delight in a special treat of ice cream. With 9 ice cream loving folks in the house, we can put a serious dent in the ice cream supply. Rising grocery prices have caused ice cream to become a Sunday only treat.  It works out really well because we enjoy it all the more!

This past Sunday I realized that there hadn’t been a fabulous sale to stock up on ice cream and that we didn’t have enough ice cream for everyone to have  bowl. Oh. No. I informed the Tribe of the lack of ice cream stash and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. The children quickly helped Daddy calm down and recover from the shock.  (Just kidding.)

I quickly thought of a back up plan. I’ll make chocolate chip cookies! Yum! Yippie! All was right in the Sunday afternoon dessert world. Until I got in to the kitchen. And this is when devastation hit me. We were out of chocolate chips. My two cooks did not inform me of the shortage. Of course, I already had the cookie dough mixed. I had two eager little ones ready to lick the spoon. I was at a crucial moment of decision.

Then I spotted the bag of butterscotch chips that NaNa had given the kiddos.  A little kitchen improv and we had butterscotch chip cookies. Now, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t excited. I’m a creature of habit. I like living in a rut. Thank you very much. But I knew my kiddos would go with the flow. They take after their father.

As I pulled a batch from the oven, I had a light bulb moment. While I didn’t have enough ice cream for everyone to have  a bowl, I thought I had enough to make some homemade ice cream sandwiches! I grabbed the ice cream, a spoon and the cookies. Slapped some ice cream between two cookies and tossed those babies in the freezer.

Dessert time arrived and I pulled out the pan of ice cream sandwiches. Did you hear the shouts of joy? No? That is because it was more of a mumble of joy as they shoved the sandwiches in their mouths. Giggle. A huge hit! They loved them. I can see us definitely doing this again. With chocolate chip cookies. Because my girls know to put it on the list. Right, girls?

**I did manage to find in the top of the cabinet about 1/4 cup of chocolate chips. Pitiful, I tell ya. Pitiful.

Did you hear my children screaming?

We had a long day out running errands. Naturally this means the first thing I do when we get home is to start laundry. As I walk out of the laundry room, I see Sam walking.

YES, WALKING! Finally! The other children came running and they were laughing and cheering and jumping and screaming. Sam enjoyed every moment as only a baby of the family can.

All my babies were walking by a year; Sam was the first to break the tradition. A few older siblings were very concerned at this delay. Needless to say, all evening they have been forcing the poor boy to walk. I had no part in that, of course. >>whistles innocently<<

It is one of those joys I delight in. The love all these precious kiddos share. Yes, it can be frustrating when Sam decides to attack you great Lego creation ever. Or maybe he wants to sit on top of the book you are reading. He just might cry at 2:13 am and wake you up. You love him anyway. You love making him smile and laugh. There is nothing better than his goofy faces at the table. I love every minute of it!

I don’t think any children have ever been so excited to see a baby walking.Many hugs and thanks to Aunt Chris for blessing us with the video camera.

Disclaimer: Photobucket links to other videos after my video plays through. I have not viewed any of them and recommend you avoid them as well.