Read Aloud Thursday – in the kitchen

My children love to help out in the kitchen. I have a couple of kiddos who have moved beyond the helping stage and can work solo in the kitchen. A couple of years ago I gave them this cookbook:

The girls read it often as if it were a novel. Imagine my delight when i stumbled across this book at the library:

A picture book about Fannie Farmer and how she began her culinary teaching. She comes to work for the Shaw family. In the beginning, little Marcia Shaw does not appreciate Miss Farmer’s intrusion. However, after leaning the art of baking dainty biscuits, Marcia begins to grow fond of Fannie.

It is a delightful read that had all my children’s attention. (OK, the one year wasn’t really captivated.) Sprinkled throughout the book are little tips from Fannie’s cookbook. Lydia was happy to point out each one so I wouldn’t miss it.

It ends with a brief biography of Miss Farmer and her Famous Griddle Cake recipe.  (We will be trying it soon!)

Fannie in the Kitchen is a great read for your little culinary artists  in training.

Join in the fun!