Mayhem Monday – The Rainy Edition

It would be very easy for me to look back over my day and definitely find moments of mayhem and chaos. Oh, yes, I could. Traveling to an orthodontist appointment over an hour away in the morning rush hour on a rainy Monday….mayhem, my friends.

Coming home to a toddler who was not happy that momma kissed him good morning and then disappeared for one too many hours.

Mice on Monday. I don’t know about you but this would most assuredly guarantee a bit of mayhem and madness. The soybean fields were harvested. Little critters are looking for new, cozy homes. Let it be known, my little rodents, my home is not it. Country living has the dark side.

Totally missing your exit and not realizing it until you are about twelve miles past it. Yes. It qualifies for Mayhem Monday.

But! But, but, but……at the end of the day, I look back and I can’t focus on those not so happy moments. It was a much longer day than planned due to rain, traffic, accidents, and missed exits. But! We had safe travels. The accidents we saw while driving all appeared to be minor. So very thankful!!

Those cranky little kiddos? I’m the mom who got to hold and rock and cuddle with them. The day will come that they won’t mind not seeing me all day.

That missed exit? I learned a new way home. Now I know.

I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna. But….shouldn’t we look for the small mercies and little joys in the midst of the mayhem? In the midst of the mundane?

What small mercies and little joys can you give Him praise for today?



To Do List vs. Real Life

Despite waking up late this morning, I had great plans for the day.  You know exciting things like laundry, homemade pizza, and reading a chapter or two of a great book. Perhaps the kiddos and I would take an afternoon walk and finish up that read aloud. Naturally I’d round out the evening with a charming blog post with adorable pictures of my kiddos.

A great to do list, right? Oh, yeah, baby.

But then…

Laundry happened. And I’ll be sitting up late to deal with the load in the washer that I forgot all about. Because after whipping up homemade pizza (and running out of cheese), I went on a dog hunt. One moment our little fluffy doggie was enjoying a yummy bone beside my daughter whittling sticks. Next thing you know, I’m getting a bit of unplanned exercise trying to locate Slippers. Oh, wait! That can count as our afternoon walk on a two hour delay, right? Walking around the neighborhood yelling for the doggie just upped the intensity a bit.

And the book? If I could find it, I might be able to read it. Life in transition. Adorable kiddos? I have those. Pictures of them to share? Um…..well the camera is in another room. And I’m at the table holding one of those cutie pie kiddos who is fighting a stuffy nose. The snoring and drool are adorable; a trick only a 14 month old can pull off.

So Real Life for the win. The To Do List, with a few adjustments, will be waiting for me in the morning. Guess I’ll just roll with and enjoy the cuddles.

Did you have a Real Life vs. the To Do List battle today? Who was named the winner?

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Taking a Deep Breath

Monday was not great. I think we all gave a sigh of relief when we headed to bed.

Ah, beautiful Tuesday. A new day. A chance to try harder, to do better, to love more.

It was a glorious day. Sunshine, warm temps, and children full of energy. We learned, we explored, and we worked. We gathered at the table and enjoyed a delicious meal.

How gracious was the Lord to shower us with mercy and grace today. I rejoiced in every drop of sunshine, I was energized to clean under couches and switch the laundry, and I enjoyed chatting while cooking with my daughter.

Tonight I will head to bed taking a deep breath of satisfaction. Thankful for another day to be a wife, a mom, a child of the King. My life is amazingly wonderful….even on those days that are Mondays. How else would I appreciate Tuesday?