Summer Sewing

Technically, it is not summer yet. However, living in the south means that we usually have a day of spring and move on.  One of the easiest ways to build up the girls’ wardrobes is by a bit of sewing.  A few months ago we were blessed with some fabric from a friend who was moving.  In that box of fabric was a green fabric with flowers. Sarah oohed and aahed over it every time she saw it.  She needed a few outfits for summer; I needed an afternoon of sewing to relax.

I decided to dig out a pattern that I have had for years. Simple and easy to whip up but so very cute. It was Simplicity 4927. I have made it with sleeves and without; it is always a favorite to wear.

I didn’t quite get the dress finished before bed. The next morning I went straight to the sewing machine to finish the hem and button closure. Sarah, very patiently, sat beside me in her pajamas. She did not want to get dressed in anything but her new dress made in her favorite fabric.

Adorable, yes? What are you sewing?

Simply Sewing ~ Peasant Dress

It has been quite some time since I have been at my sewing machine.  I have a list of items that need to be sewn, a small stack of fabric waiting to be cut and a few girls who would like a new dress or two. Time seems to fly by and by the end of the day, my sewing machine just collects a bit more dust. This past Friday, I decided that I really needed time at the machine. Despite the mistakes I make and the love/hate relationship I have with the seam ripper, sewing relaxes me.

Martha had a small growth spurt and her dresses have become a bit short. Also, since she is the smallest, sewing for her is quicker. We love peasant dresses here. Simple and cute but very easy to dress up a bit. The peasant dress is also a quick project. Just an hour or two and a dress is done!

peasant dress

What makes the simple peasant dress even better? Recycling fabric!   For Martha’s peasant dress and matching bloomers, I used an old flat sheet and an old jumper dress that had a few holes and stained spots.

Peasant dresses are very easy and one can quickly do a bit of math and have their own pattern. I’m lazy when it comes to math so if I can find a pattern that does the work for me, I use it!

infant dress

Sew Much Ado has a great peasant dress pattern for Infants 0-3 months. Very simple project and you can easily adjust the sizing for an older infant. I took this pattern and made it just a bit bigger for when Martha was around 6 months.

For Martha’s new dress, I used the 12/18 month peasant dress pattern from Scattered Thoughts from a Crafty Mom.  She also has a pattern available for 2T/3T and 4/7.


The pinafore is a very quick way to dress up the peasant dress. I did this for two girls at Easter 2012 and they received many compliments. So easy! You can learn how to whip up a Pretty Little Pinafore at Sew Mama Sew. Lots of great tutorials there.

My model was not in the mood for a photo shoot. Martha and the dress had spent 6+ hours in the van and posing was not on her to do list. Excuse the wrinkles!

Sew on!

Hands on History

Paper, scissors, glue, sticks, fabric…the list could go on. My children love to create. Maybe a book has inspired them to create a map of undiscovered lands, sew a costume for a doll or design a wardrobe full of clothing for paper dolls.  I try to encourage their natural creativity. I find that our history reading is often the source of inspiration. Do your children love to create? Do you find that hands on activities encourage your child in learning? Do you want ready to go kits to make incorporating activities easier? Corps of Rediscovery is a company you need to check out!

Corps of Rediscovery is a company founded by a homeschool family that fell in love with American History after taking their learning on the road; traveling through 47 of the 50 states.  This family’s love of learning and history carry over into their products.

Our family was recently sent a Patchwork Quilt Kit from Corps of Rediscovery. When I opened the package I was torn between delight and despair. My girls love to sew. I knew both Bekah and Mary would love to make the quilt. I despaired because I only had one quilt. They were both thrilled to see the patchwork quilt kit. We decided to give the kit to Bekah since she was the oldest.

What was included in the Patchwork Quilt kit?

*All the patchwork squares


*Yarn (for tying the quilt together)



*Excellent instructions and suggestions

The kit is currently on sale for $11.99.

The biggest challenge was decided in the design Bekah wanted to have. I was concerned she would never decide! Finally, after some consultations, she had a design she liked and was ready to go. My help has not been needed since. The instructions were clear, concise and complete. The patchwork quilt was a completely independent project that Rebekah has thoroughly enjoyed. The finished quilt is the perfect size for a baby doll. We are considering making it into a wall quilt in the girls’ room.

I would love to show you her finished quilt but we recently moved and not all items have been found. I am sure that many more quilts will be created in our home!

Corps of Rediscovery has a variety of products to spice up your history. Their kits also make great gifts or reminders of family travels. Your son might like an arrow kit or a flint and steel set. Cornhusk dolls, drop spindles to candle making could add to your colonial studies! Go see for yourself!

Still need help in deciding which item to purchase? Go by the crew and see what others had to say about Corps of Rediscovery.

**Disclaimer – As a member of TOS Homeschool crew, I received a complimentary kit for review. No compensation was made to me. The thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.