Cute Blessings while I wait….

I am (not so patiently) waiting for the arrival of the new tribe member. After having a few babies induced, it has been harder than I expected to wait for this precious little one. In order to maintain my sanity, I think I’ll post some pics of my adorable children. I think it is an excellent way to keep myself busy.

Someone was very happy that mommy let him play with the water paint. I’m not sure which he enjoyed the most…the water or the paint.

And Sarah was intense about her painting. Very focused. It is nice to know that a simple container of paint and water will calm the Volcano, lol.

Mary is a great manager. She invited Sarah and Sam to do math with her. Sarah and Mary were having a contest to see who finished Mary’s math first. Sarah finished first but I wasn’t up to counting all the tally marks she made. Mary took the blue ribbon for math this time.

Dark is coming early and they have enjoyed running around while it is still warm out. Mary took this picture of the moon. It was such a beautiful, bright full moon!

I almost go her. She caught me. Bummer. I’m going to have to get firm with that girl and get a good picture!

And Mr. Cuteness likes to cuddle. He has learned to just grab his pillow and blanket and sneak into bed with big brother in the middle of the night. Precious!

The goofiness just overflows in some of the children. Hannah’s goofy level is at an all time high.

November is birthday season for us. The two boys have already celebrated their birthdays and Hannah and Sarah are this week. Birthday post coming soon!!!!!

Snoozing on the job

I’m not sure, but it is possible that we might be working Hannah a bit too hard. Lately she has been falling asleep on the job.

Mary was working on math corrections. She decided for this intense mental task she needed to sit directly in front of the box fan. As you can see in the photo this meant that her pages kept flying back and forth. Hannah was intensely watching Mary reduce, multiply and divide. If she was going to sit there, why not work, right? I told her to hold Mary’s page in place for her. Hannah was thrilled to help. But it might have been a bit too strenuous for her.

Yep, asleep on the job.

No worries. We did not let her rest long. Someone not paying attention ran into her face with a Little People School Bus.

One time dozing off on the job I could understand. But repeat offenses? And in the same week?

(Sam was removed from the sleep cuddle as soon as the pic was taken.)

I guess this shows that when Hannah needs sleep, she needs sleep.