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In our history studies, we recently began focusing on the early 1800’s.  President Jefferson, Napoleon, Louisiana Purchase and Lewis & Clark are the topics of many books on our shelves. We love studying history through literature but I also recognize the benefit that can come by incorporating other resources such as movies or documentaries. Marshall Publishing is one company that produces such resources. Marshall Publishing  provides a variety of media resources that engage, entertain and educate; resources that may help enhance your student’s learning.

Lewis and Clark


Almost a year ago, the children and I had the opportunity to view a DVD on George Washington Carver from Marshall Publishing. Several weeks ago, we were able to choose another DVD to utilize in our home school. When I saw the Lewis & Clark DVD, I knew it would be the perfect choice to add to our history studies.

Lewis & Clark

One of the most significant and dramatic explorations in American history, the journey of Lewis and Clark, stands as a true epic in documented exploration of the West. From 1804 to 1806 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the Corps of Discovery on an 8,000 – mile journey into the unknown. Starting at the meeting of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, they traveled by foot, boat, and horseback – all the way to the Pacific Ocean and back. (Taken from Marshall Publishing website.)

The Historic Expedition of Lewis and Clark takes your child on the 8,000 mile journey to discover the unknown land that America now owned. Their story is told in a documentary format with a narrator sharing the stories of expedition. Live re-enactments are used to show how Lewis, Clark and the Corps of Discovery traveled on the Mississippi River, excerpts are read from the actual journals kept by Lewis and Clark, photographs and film shots of locations brought to life the landscape that they faced.

Throughout the DVD, interesting facts were shared such as the temperaments of Lewis and Clark; how only one man did not survive from all those that went on the journey; how they managed to survive the unknown; and how the lives of Lewis, Clark and the Corps of Discovery ended.

What did we think of The Historic Expedition of Lewis and Clark? It was enjoyed by everyone from ages 6 and older. My six year old enjoyed the simple map that was shown through out the documentary tracking the progress of Lewis and Clark. The older children enjoyed the beautiful landscape footage and reenactments. Most of the information presented my older ones were familiar with in varying degrees as they had read about Lewis and Clark previously. I think for my younger learners it presented a concise overview of the expedition.

Louisiana Purchase

For those families where media is often used, this DVD may not appeal.  There is no dramatic scenes or music and seems a bit outdated in color quality. It appears that the DVD is a copy of a film. It reminds me of movies we watched when I was in school. The narration is a bit dry and flat. My children commented that it would have been better if the narrator had been a little excited about Lewis and Clark.  However, overall we enjoyed The Historic Expedition of Lewis and Clark. It could be a great tool used as an introduction to a study of Lewis and Clark. Running time of the DVD is approximately 35 min. It would best be used by upper elementary and middle school students.

Pricing Information:

The Historic Expedition of Lewis and Clark DVD is normally $ 24.95.  It is currently on sale for $19.95. An added discount is available for my blog readers. Enter the code TOS27 to receive free first class shipping!

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