Go Trybe

What is Go Trybe?

GoTrybe is an online fitness and wellness program designed to get children moving and learning about a healthy lifestyle. It uses exercise videos, informational videos and online interaction to motivate kids and share information.

How does GoTrybe work?

To utilize GoTrybe, your child signs up for an account. If your child is under 13, you will be sent and email to confirm your permission for them to access the site. Once she is signed up, she will create an avatar.

There are four avatars to choose from and then your child can select personal features. Clothing and accessories can be purchased for the avatar through earning points doing the four portions of GoTrybe. They are:

*Fitness – In this portion of the program, your child selects video segments to put together to make a complete workout. They begin with a simple warm-up, then can add up to three segments of cardio, strength and then flexibility. There are a variety of videos to choose from and range in difficulty and ability level. Your child can choose a segment highlighting salsa dancing or soccer footwork. Each video has an instructor and then a few children demonstrating the moves. If your child really enjoys the workout, she can save it and use it again.

*Nutrition – During the nutrition segment, your child watches a short video segment – just a minute or two – and then has a simple follow up question.  The video segment could be on the serving size of mashed potatoes and recognizing what a serving looks like.

*Motivation – This is another short segment to help motivate the child to be healthy. The about motivation segment chatted with a pro athlete and discussed what he ate to stay healthy and how he handled sweets.

*Wellness – The final segment is on wellness. There may be a short video or just a short paragraph that deals with wellness. In the above picture, the segment on wellness dealt with kitchen safety.

GoTrybe also allows for social interaction through discussion forums and shout outs. Your child can add friends and send messages. You can only send and receive shout outs from friends and can delete any that you choose. The discussion forums are open to everyone.

Who is GoTrybe For?

GoTrybe has three different levels based on grade level.

What is the cost for GoTrybe?

GoTrybe offers  free trial period using the promocode “GETFIT”. Once you decided that GoTrybe is right for your child, a yearly membership is $19.95.

Our Thoughts on GoTrybe:

We have been utilizing the ZooDoos level of GoTrybe.  Overall, I think the concept of GoTrybe is good. We do live in sedentary society and childhood obesity is growing. Children are spending more and more time in front of the television or computer and GoTrybe tries to reach that group and getting them moving.

My children are very active on there own. Walking, soccer, bike riding, hiking in the woods….lack of exercise is not a concern in our home.  I do enjoy having the option of exercise videos for days that weather prevents going outside and GoTrybe does offer that resource.

I do have a personal concern with the videos. While this might not be a concern for most, the dress of the instructors is not what our family would choose to see. Spaghetti strap tops and shorts or skirts that just cover the buttocks seem a bit unnecessary for a child’s fitness program. I understand that this type of dress is “standard” for workout videos, I don’t understand why the instructors couldn’t dress like the children; tshirt and shorts. It was a big concern for my daughter, but I would not allow my son to utilize the program. GoTrybe says their are male instructors but I found none in the ZooDoos.  Again, this is a personal family standard that I felt I should share.

We also did not allow our children to participate in “friends”, “shout outs” or discussion forum. We have house rules about those types of interactions. I think the program can be valuable without the social aspect.

Initially, GoTrybe was enjoyed but after about a week or so, interest waned. I had them continue using for a bit but they would rather be outside on bikes or in the woods. While GoTybe wasn’t a good fit for our family, I do see how it could be useful to others. For the child who prefers being indoors and at the computer, GoTrybe could be the perfect motivation to get moving. With the free trial, it is easy to give it a try and see if it is right for your child!

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Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew, I recieved complimentary use of this product. No compensation was made. Thoughts/opinions/experience expressed in this blog are  my own.