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Heart of the Matter is hosting Not Back 2 School Blog Hop. This week’s topic is curriculum choices. I was going to blissfully ignore this because I don’t have everything perfectly planned. Considering we school year round, this is not a good thing. Then I decided to release the stress and jump in and have some fun!


Bible – we do this together; first thing. We chose a book from the Bible to focus on for the month. We read a chapter or two daily and discuss. Scripture memory is done daily as well. We have a mix of longer passages as well as shorter ones. Catechism questions are included in the memory box as well. I love this part of our day!

Read alouds – Books are a big part of our life. We love to read! I am thankful that all of my children still enjoy being read to so we daily snuggle up together and read.

Older 3 (sometimes 4)

Tapestry of Grace Year 2 – this covers history, geography, literature, church history, writing…


Rebekah, 11, grade 6ish: (I really need to decide what grade she is in, yes?)

Saxon Math 7/6 – she only has about 10 lessons left and Pre-algebra is waiting on the shelf

Rod and Staff English 6

Copywork/Dictation – generally use Scripture but toss in literature selections from time to time

English From the Roots Up – Vocabulary; Greek/Latin roots


Mary, 10, grade 5ish: (Yep, need to decide for her as well.)

Saxon Math 6/5 – about 14 lessons to go and will be grabbing Bekah’s book

Rod and Staff English 5

Copywork/Dictation – generally use Scripture but toss in literature selections from time to time

English From the Roots Up – Vocabulary; Greek/Latin roots


Caleb, 8, grade 3:

Saxon Math 5/4 – just started and going well

Rod and Staff English 3

Copywork – current Scripture memory


Lydia,7(in a few more days), grade 2:

Saxon Math 2

Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Reading –(learning to read has not come easy so math and reading will be her focus)

Pathway Readers Grade 1

Copywork – current Scripture memory

Hannah, 4, Pre-K

She is dying to get started. I, however, am not ready. Her older sisters are great at spending some time with her “doing school”. I will address some other things for her later in this post.

Sarah and Sam hang with us and I’m sure learn more than I could imagine.


So what’s missing? Science. We have previously used Exploring Creation Series by Jeannie Fulbright but it just isn’t a good fit this year. We are going to read some living books, do some experimenting and writing and call it good for the year. For example, Caleb will be reading War Inventions. I’m sure he will learn much and enjoy it tremendously. We will also enjoy nature study.

This year has been an interesting one with job loss and moving, so the homeschool budget is a bit low (aka non-existent). But God is so faithful! Being a part of TOS Review Crew is helping to round out our curriculum needs. I am reviewing a handwriting curriculum, a math program and another item for review is on the way. All items that will add to our homeschool and needed for some weak areas! God is good!

I am also working on emphasizing writing a bit more. The children will be letter writing, blogging and journaling in an effort to strengthen their writing skills. Shhh, I haven’t told them yet!

So I’m still working on this list. The beauty of schooling year round. It all just flows together. Am I missing anything else?

Make sure you head over to Heart of the Matter and check out the Not Back to School Blog Hop! Join in the fun!!!

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