Need a friend?

Today we were out and about running some errands. Ok, not really errands. All the girls had a deep desire to go to Goodwill and well, I enjoy it myself. We did have to swing by Wal-mart for toilet paper. I know, too much excitement for some people. You don’t become a mother of 7 without learning a few things along the way. The first thing we did upon entering Wal-mart was to go to the restroom.

I was assisting Hannah and she is a chatty kind of gal.

She informed me on the details of best buddies.

All the girls who are wearing skirts are best buddies.

If you are wearing a dress, you cannot be best buddies with a skirt-wearer. You must be best buddies with a dress-wearer.

I pointed out that she often wears a dress and I always wear skirts and couldn’t we still be best buddies?

Her loving, compassionate answer was no.

Do you feel the love, folks?


So if you are in need of a best buddy, you now know an easy way to find one.

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