Being 5

When big sister was commanded to go downstairs and make cookies, Hannah was a willing helper. Who could pass up an opportunity to be an official cookie tester?

While the second batch was cooking, Hannah ran upstairs, all out of breath, to inform me, “Mommy, I haven’t had time to do my reading! I am too busy making cookies.”

Oh, the struggles we face when five. I’m not sure how she manages to get it all done in a day!

The next day she was working on a reading program on the computer. The program gives prompts on what she needed to type or click on the screen. Hannah was getting into a good rhythm with the task. At one point, she typed the answers faster than the program could instruct her.

I saw her pump her fist and quietly say, “I’m a rock star.”

Ah, that is how she gets it all done in a day. She’s a rockĀ  star. I suppose that makes me her manager?

And for those who want to know, the double patch of peanut butter cookies was consumed within a 24 hr period. I think they past the inspection test.

2 thoughts on “Being 5

  1. Oh my…the struggles she faces! LOL Okay…I’m thinking we need to get together sometime and all of us make cookies all day…you supply the kitchen…I’ll supply the milk and ingredients.

  2. …and a great manager you are, my friend!

    @Chris- I think a cookie baking day with the tribe sounds like great fun…I think the rebels should be invited!

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