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We read aloud almost every day. Almost. Tsk, tsk. When my older children were younger, I never missed a day to cuddle up with a good picture book or 10 and read. As I try to balance older ones and younger ones, I sometimes push the picture books to the side. How I miss those cuddles!

In an effort to have some accountability I am participating in Read Aloud Thursdays hosted by Hope is the Word. Maybe you’ll discover a little literary treasure or at least enjoy pics of my cute kiddos.

We have read several great picture books this week but we picked two of our favorites to share. First up is one my older children remember reading in the past. The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant.

The Relatives Came is a delightful, fun telling of family from Virginia leaving their grapes behind for an extended stay with their kin. It is joyous visit full of hugging, eating and enjoying family. The illustrations make you smile and long for a visit from your kin as well.

My children, young and old, were all cuddled up on the couch enjoying this quaint little story. They loved pointing out details such as a toy car looking just like the one the relatives arrived in. Sleeping arrangements were tight and we all giggled over a relative that was barely hanging on a bed. So much like daddy when little ones need middle of the night cuddles.

Our second selection was a new one for all of us. It caught my eye when we were at the library so I grabbed it. Feast for Ten by Cathryn Falwell. A delightful surprise!

In Feast for 10 we join a mom and her five children on a trip to the grocery store to prepare for a feast. As they shop we count from one to ten… one shopping cart, two pumpkins…they arrive home where dad helps unload the goodies and we count from one to ten again as we prepare the meal. It ends with 10 family members gathered around for a yummy meal of fried chickens and greens. My mouth was watering!

The littles one and I enjoyed this simple book so much. Family focused illustrations make it so real for children…sleeping baby, children helping to prepare the food. The illustrations are cut paper and make me want to hand construction paper to my kiddos to make our own counting book. So many ways to learn with this book; counting, food prep, family meals. A sweet little book.

What are you read aloud in your home? Head on over to Read Aloud Thursdays and share!

5 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday

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  2. Delighted to see that you and your children enjoyed FEAST FOR 10. It was one of my first books, and lots of fun to make. A new book I’m working on about family and food will be out in 2013–on the 20th anniversary of FEAST!
    Happy Reading!

  3. We haven’t read either of these, I need to add them to the library list!
    Thanks for the encouragement to read-a-loud to the little ones. We read-a-loud almost every day, but it’s chapter books geared to the olders. Aaron actually doesn’t like being read to much and I’ve just fallen out of the habit. I need to put it in the new schedule, at least P will cuddle and listen and Aaron just might if it’s the right book.

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