Little Miss Martha ~ 6 months

Little Miss Adorable

I know this post comes right on the heels of her 5 month post. Time seems to past quickly but not that quick! After being so late on her 5 month post, I wanted to make sure I was on time with her 6 month.

Push ups - She takes her fitness seriously.

Not much has changed in the past couple of weeks. Martha is still adorable, there is still a waiting list to hold her and she is still spoiled rotten. Shouldn’t all babies be a bit spoiled?

Mmmmm, tasty.

My Little Miss has been a bit grumpy the past couple of days. I think she may be teething a bit and is not pleased with the process. She has been a bit extra clingy. I’ll take those cuddles. All too soon, I’ll blink and she will be taller than me!

Hmmm, little people left a bad taste in her mouth?

She is diligent in trying to learn to crawl. She has the ability to maneuver herself to wherever she desires to be playing. The older children need to be on the lookout…when she figures out the crawling she is going to be everywhere!


We are discovering that she has just a wee bit of a temper. I have absolutely no clue where that comes from. Really. I don’t.

Miss Sunshine

She was role playing what mommy does when there is no chocolate in the house. Ha!

Little Miss

After several attempts, I gave up on the “baby blanket w/ bear comparison shot”. She would not stay there long enough for me to take a picture!

Happy 6 Months!

Martha Anne…aka GooseBerry (or if Sam says it “juiceberry”)….is a treasure and blessing from the Lord. The past 6 months have gone by so quickly. Looking forward to seeing how much she grows and changes in the coming months.



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