The Zoo ~ Part Two!

I think I left off with tales of the elusive squirrel, a bus ride loving Sarah and a sneak peek at one of the first animals we saw at the NC Zoological Park.  We were all very excited to enjoy the animals of Africa.

So…cute…so BIG!

Although we had a peek at the giraffes, the first animals we were able to get a good look at were the elephants.  Amazing how big they are and how cute at the same time.  The elephants throw dirt on themselves as a way to cool down. Since the dirt at the zoo is red, the elephants have red staining on their skin.

Camping with the Elephants

We enjoyed special additions to the zoo like the tent above. It provided a visual for what it might be like for those in the wilderness studying and learning about animals. There was a cot in the tent and of course Sarah jumped right on to take a break. Tsk, tsk, Sarah!

Elephant Tracking Headquarters

The Elephant Tracking Headquarters was set up like an old airplane hanger. There were some pictures and information on elephants as well as some informative videos. The best part was the helicopter inside that everyone was able to climb into.  The younger kiddos loved it!

Ready for take out! Or not.

Naturally, I made everyone get in and humor the camera happy mom. Caleb was running a bit behind and grabbed on in just the nick of time. Hee hee.

The little ones take control!

The Rhino

Mr. Baboon…deep in thought.

Mary’s New Ride

Now this would be a great grocery getter, don’t you think? Mary would be more than happy to do the driving, right,  Mary?

Dinosaur Exhibit at the Zoo

The zoo had a special dinosaur attraction. I had my doubts at how Sam would handle it. He was not impressed. The middle kiddos enjoyed it. Sarah loved the jeep. And Martha didn’t mind it either!

Martha at the wheel!

In the jungle….

I had a much better picture of the lions but for some reason they won’t upload correctly. The lions were snoozing while we were there. The lions sleep/rest up to 21 hours a day. It takes a great amount of energy to hunt and digest their prey.

My girls…not a part of the lion’s diet.

A quick shot of Bekah and Mary.  Love the sign behind Mary that reminds us not to toss the children over to the lions.

Cute 2 year old chimpanzee!

Now my children remember her name, this cute little chimp, but it eludes me at the moment. There is actually a new baby chimpanzee at the zoo but she wasn’t out when we were there. They are slowly introducing her to the other chimps and sometimes have to keep certain chimpanzees separated. However, we got to enjoy the antics of the two year old chimp. She was hilarious! Jumping and rolling off the rocks, tumbling around and jumping on the momma chimp. The best part was when she interacted with the kiddos. All my children were huddle up in one spot of the glass watching the chimpanzees. Little Chimp comes over and is hitting and kicking the glass right where they are and jumping around. I would have loved to have a picture of but couldn’t get a good shot as a school group arrived about the same time. That moment might have been the highlight of the whole day!

Baby Juma

Not only did the zoo have a baby chimpanzee, there was also a baby giraffe. I had a better picture but again it is not uploading for me. The giraffes are such funny creatures with their long necks, sloped backs and canter. The baby Juma was so cute!

There were a few other animals such as zebras and the rainforest full of beautiful birds. (We were a bit sad that the polar bears are visiting another zoo while renovations of their habitat are underway.) I don’t want to completely overwhelm you with our animal pictures! After our journey through Africa we took a late lunch break and then tackled North America. Unfortunately, the camera was left in the van so we don’t have any pictures for the last part of our day.

However, there will be a third zoo post of Photo Fun Shots.


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