Just Frame It!

This year, I just wasn’t sure what to gift the grandparents. I wanted something that would be special and specific to him or her. I didn’t want to gift something just for the sake of gifting. Granddad (my father-in-law) had me stumped this year. Then I was diligently researching a range of topics on Pinterest, ahem, and found some wall art with the above quote on it.

Now my oldest child is almost 14 and for almost 14 years, I have heard my father-in-law sing “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck” to everyone of my children. I can hear him in my mind right now. Treasured memory! I used the resources I had available and whipped up the above framed sign for him. I hope it makes him smile each time he sees it.

Love this verse…so does Grammy!

After creating the print for Granddad, I wanted to do something similar for Grammy ( my mother-in-law). I had several ideas but decided to use her favorite Scripture verse; one of my favorites as well. I realized too late that my spacing was a bit off but hopefully she doesn’t mind. I pray that when she sees this verse hanging on her wall, that she will be blessed with the reminder that the Lord is always with her. What a comfort!

The Happy Couple

Granddad and Grammy also were given handmade items from the children. Mary knit fingerless mitts for Grammy, Bekah gave Granddad a “One a Day” Scripture Medicine jar, Caleb made pencil holders, Lydia made a love “Remembrance Jar” with a cross stitch cover and Hannah made bookmarks. Knitted gnomes and handmade cards were in the stash as well.

With a little time, thought and creativity, very special gifts can be given to bless those you love!

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