Don’t Assume They Are Too Old…

Tonight, I grabbed a couple of books to read aloud to my little ones. One was Angus and the Ducks that we have enjoyed on more than one occasion. The other was a new to use book that caught my eye at the library. I can’t recall the title at the moment; I’ll go find it later.

Martha assuring Bekah that she would be a great helper.

When I sat on the floor with books in hand, the older ones gather around the fastest. I hear their giggles and chatter. Who can resist a cute little dog that tries to get sassy with the ducks? A good book doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long and sometimes the best books have pictures.

Enjoying the beautiful mountains.

When you grab the picture books, call those older ones in the room. Don’t assume they are too old. Love seeing my older ones enjoying life beside the little ones.

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