Simplest of toys….

A few years ago, Eddie painted wooden peg dolls for a couple of the girls. In a move or two, they were lost or left behind. There had been requests for new dolls to be acquired and painted. Eddie, being the fabulous dad that he is, set to work on making his girls (and boys) simple toys that encourage the imagination.

Sarah’s Family

A few bottles of paint, a brush, and a good cup of coffee was all that was needed to create these cute families.  Dad, Mom, and 4 children. Plans are to expand the family every now and then.

Hannah’s Family

Adorable, yes? I love the little baby! As Eddie was painting these, more ideas of how to design them kept popping up. I can’t wait to see future ones!

Lydia’s Family

And Lydia, of course, had to have a family with red hair! These are great toys for travel. Small and easy to carry. Can play with them anywhere!

For the boys….

These went to Caleb so that he can play with Sam for some brother time. How Eddie freehands all of this, I do not know!

And for Sam..

Then, of course, for Sam we have Superman and Super Sam! A little felt and a little glue for the capes.

There are lots of plan for the future…farm animals….city workers….so many possibilities!

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