Sketching the Letter V

Vikings…volcanoes….vacations….vixen…. This past week Sketch Tuesday, hosted by Harmony Art Mom, was the Letter “V”.  After a break from participating, my children were eager join in with sketching again. However, due to some technical difficulties, I missed submitting their sketches in time for the Letter “V” slideshow.  How lovely to be able to share them here!

Hannah, 7, chose to sketch a vulture.

Lydia, 9,  made a “V” collage…from van to vacation to vegetable oil!

Mary, 12, sketched a lovely vegetable basket. Yum!

Bekah, 13, drew lovely violets.

Sarah wanted to participate as well but does not easily conform to those around her.

She drew two lovely bluebirds for me.

Head over to Harmony Art Blog to see all the submissions for Sketch Tuesday Letter “V” and see what is the focus for the coming weeks sketch. Grab some paper and pencils and sketch!

9 thoughts on “Sketching the Letter V

  1. Nice work! We rotate the artwork displayed on our refrigerator door which doubles as our Wall of Fame. I went over to the Sketching Tuesday link at Harmony Arts – it looks like a neat idea to try…

    Stopping by from the Crew and with warmest regards from the Philippines,
    Mary at My Tropical Home

  2. So many creative ideas from your artistic children, it is fun seeing their different interpretations. My favorite v from their lists would be vacation.

    And thanks, Chareen, for sharing the Virtual Refrigerator link!

  3. What a great idea! I wonder if I could get my girls to do some letter sketching? I particularly like the collage! They are all beautiful pictures!

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