Happy {Belated} Birthday

Bekah….14. I love little kiddos. Babies. Toddlers. Preschoolers. When I had Bekah, I was genuinely concerned about the teenage years.  I just couldn’t imagine how to be a mom of a teenager.  Today, I am so thankful to be the mom of this teenager. What a joy and a delight she is to me!

We share a common love…a cozy spot, a good book and chocolate. She is a pro in the kitchen and loves the little ones. Her skills as a knitter amaze me; she can out knit me any day. We are learning Algebra together and sharing laughter and  more than one fit of frustration.  She always has a smile.  She writes beautifully and I am honored that she shares it with me.

I am looking forward to the years to come…. Happy Birthday, Bekah B.!

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