Hazy Days of Summer

It seems as if the day goes by and I realize that I didn’t even attempt to cross off an item on my “To Sew” list.  Sewing means retrieving and hunting down all the necessary items.  It never fails when I need to sew that I can’t find the measuring tape, the seam ripper or thread I need. Add in that the dining room/school table is my sewing spot adds in an extra twist of fun.

Several days ago, I decided that no matter what else was pressing that day, that I was going to sew! I found a fun, colorful fabric and measured Hannah. She needed something new and fun, right?

It was a simple skirt.  A yoke waist with elastic and a simple gathered skirt attached. It just took a small bit of my afternoon. It was a perfect fit. Alas, she had to wait to wear it. Amazingly, the child had not one shirt that would match.  How does a seven year old girl not have a shirt of white, pink or yellow? A problem quickly solved on the next errand day.

I couldn’t resist snapping a picture or two. It was a humid, hazy summer afternoon in the south. The grass was high and the mosquitoes were hungry. We didn’t linger long. I do love how the pictures turned out.

I think I need to make her another skirt or two.

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