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**I received no compensation for this post nor does it contain affiliate links. I am just sharing a product that we use in our homeschool and enjoy. **

As I am working on sharing curriculum plans for the coming year, I thought it might be nice to share some of our favorite resources. Today, I want chat about science.

Science is a weak point for me. Honestly, I never enjoyed science when I was younger. Reading a textbook wasn’t the way my brain engaged with learning. I wanted my to children to know that the study of science reveals much to us about our Creator and that studying His creation, helps draw us closer to Him. We can see His majesty, His power and His beauty.

Reading books about various points of interest (birds, trees, rocks, etc) and enjoying nature worked well for several years. For my older children, I knew a more formal approach might be needed. Formal or not, I wanted to avoid textbooks until high school.

Mary loves nature. She always ventured to the non-fiction section of the library to check out field guides so she could identify trees and birds. The girls are better at identifying trees than I am!  She will happily watch insects and animals. Creek Edge Press publishes Life Science Task Cards that were exactly what I needed for Mary.

The task card approach is simple, yet effective. Designed for grades K-8, the task cards allow for students of varying ability to study and learn at their own level while keeping a steady pace of learning. The task card approach also allows for creativity which is why the Life Science Task Cards work so well for Mary. The cards have a list of tasks that guide the student on learning about a specific topic. Once the card is completed, the student moves on to the next card.

CEP’s Life Science Task Cards cover insects, mammals, anatomy and plant life. You can see a scope and sequence here.  The pace is about one task per week. Various activities can be found on the task cards: encyclopedia research, vocabulary, and sketching are a few of them.

Mary has thrived with the task cards. When she began, I told her that she had the freedom to present her information in whichever way she desired. Mary decided that she would compile her studies into lapbooks. She combines a few weeks together into one lapbook set.

At her age, this is a completely independent course for Mary. She request books she needs for research, views online resources and creates the lapbooks on her own.

For younger elementary students, more teacher assistance would be needed to help pull together resources and give guidance on some of the assigned tasks. However, it is not time intensive at all and very easy to put into practice. You could definitely use it with varying ages and allowing students to work at their abilities.

Creek Edge Press offers Task Cards for science, history, art, music and more.

I love when I find affordable curriculum and I love it even better when it is created by a fellow homeschool mom. Mrs. Hilsman used this approach with her own children for years so they are well tested.

The Life Science Task Cards are only $22 and non-consumable. Great for any budget!

**I received no compensation for this post nor does it contain affiliate links. I am just sharing a product that we use in our homeschool and enjoy. **



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