Curriculum 2013 -2014 ~ Sixth Grade

Caleb, 11, is our young man handling sixth grade work this year. Initially, I had planned to have Caleb partner up with Lydia (5th grade). For various reason that didn’t work out so I adjusted and left Caleb “on his own” so to speak.

The year ahead for Caleb:

 Bible: Personal and Family Devotions/Bible Reading. He works with his dad twice a week and they have a few books/CDs that they read/listen to and discuss.


  • Saxon 6/5. He is almost done and could be finished quickly with a bit of motivation. 7/6 is on the shelf and waiting.
  • Life of Fred: Fractions – We have never used this before so right now I am having him do at least one lesson a week. Depending on how it goes, we may adjust.


  • IEW’s Fix It Grammar – He is slowly working through this. I think I’m going to pair it with a bit of grammar review in the coming months.
  • Spelling Widsom – This is for copywork and studied dictation. I love this resource!
  • IEW’s Student Writing Intensive A – He will be starting this in a week or so.

Apologia’s Elementary Anatomy & Physiology – Slowly progress is being made through this course. At first he was really interested but interest has waned. I may move him over to the Life Science Task Cards.

Ambleside Online Year 5 – Caleb loves to read and this is working well for him. We need to work on some follow through but overall it is going well. This covers history, geography, biographies, etc.

Memory Work – Scripture, poetry, songs,etc

Choir – Caleb will participate in a homeschool choir again this year.

PE – I really need to implement this and hold him accountable! Fine tuning his daily workout with his dad.Need to direct that energy.

What do I need to add? Foreign language; a shortcoming on everyone’s list.

**This is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links. I’m just sharing what we are using this coming year for sixth grade.

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