A Little of This and That….

Here is a peek into our week and our life. . . one random thought at a time.

! – Tuesday brought a post-op appointment for Caleb. What we thought would be a quick visit turned into a couple of hours. I am totally ok with that. Dr. T is an amazing surgeon and never rushes with a patient. We were happy to wait while he was in a consultation. Waiting in an exam room with Eddie, Caleb and expensive equipment is always interesting. Thanks to Dr. S for showing us how the fancy smancy light worked. And we learned that Dr. T is old school; he still has his receptionist use a paper schedule book for him. Aw, a kindred spirit. I love paper and pencil.

2 – Bekah and I are re-working her school schedule. I told her that if she tackled math 4 days a week for an hour a day, there would be no math on Friday. I think she might have done a happy dance. In her mind.

3 – We are currently focusing on Van Gogh for our artist study. I think that Martha thoroughly enjoys Van Gogh’s work. She wanted everyone to share Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt with her.

4 – I eat a clementine almost every day. This is interesting because I don’t like clementines. This would be the first pregnancy craving that goes against my normal eating choices. It is nice cuddling with Martha and enjoying a snack. She adores clementines.

5 – Every winter I think how nice it would be to enjoy a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I do not enjoy hot beverages. I can’t even drink hot chocolate. I think I might be ready for spring.

I’m linking up with Random 5 on Friday at The Pebble Pond. I’d love to hear a little of this and that about you and your week!

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