Wednesday with Words – Home Education

This week I finally began reading the Charlotte Mason series. After much debate on which volume I should read first, I opted to start with the first volume: Home Education.  Even with just a day or two with Miss Mason, I find myself smiling at her words.

“Our wise mother, arrived, first sends the children to let off their spirits in a wild scamper, with cry, hallo, and hullaballo, and any extravagance that comes into their young heads. There is no distinction between big and little; the latter love to follow in the wake of their elders, and, in lessons or play, to pick up and do according to their little might. As for the baby, he is in bliss: divested of his garments, he kicks and crawls, and clutches the grass, laughs soft baby laughter, and takes in his little knowledge of shapes and properties in his own wonderful fashion––clothed in a woollen gown, long and loose, which is none the worse for the worst usage it may get.” Home Education – Charlotte Mason


As I was reading in the section addressing Out of Door Life for the Children, I couldn’t help but picture my children when they are out of doors. It is amazing to see how the fresh air, sunshine, and a breeze can awaken the delight and energy in these children. I love to see where their imagination and curiosity will take them.

This was also a refreshing reminder that no matter how many years pass or how much we think times have change, some aspects of life run strong and true. Boys and girls perhaps need the out of doors time now more than in Miss Mason times. God’s beautiful creation provides so much for the education of our children.

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