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“Do you need some water, momma?” Ah, my sweet, precious children so concerned about my dry, dry throat. They are so eager to keep my water bottle filled with fresh, cool water so that I can read just one more book….one more chapter.

After reading Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers, I decided to surprise my little ones with a few more selection from Mr. Jeffers. I was able to grab three at the library last week and they might have been a bit excited.

Book selections from Oliver Jeffers:

How to Catch a Star – a little boy loves the stars so very much. He decides that he will catch a star for himself but is faced with how to catch that star. Climb a tree? Life preserver lasso? In the end, my little ones loved how he caught a star.

Up and Down – Two friends: a penguin and boy. Always together until the penguin needs to do something by himself. After the penguin ventures off alone, he realizes that he misses his friend. But where is he? How does he find him again? Never fear. The boy shows up at just the right moment.

This Moose Belongs to Me – When Wilfred meets a moose he decides to claim the moose for his own. With a name tag of Marcel on the moose’s antlers, Wilfred begins to teach Marcel all the important pet rules on Being a Good Pet. But it appears that moose isn’t really Wilfred’s….. Hint: If you want a pet moose, have apples.

It Wasn’t Me starring The Hueys – The Hueys are interesting little fellows. Even though there is a lot of similarity with the Hueys, disagreements to happen. It is really hard to settle a disagreement when no one can remember why they are fighting. I made a note of the ending to use the next time my little Hueys get in an argument.

The simple sketches and simple text are the beauty of these stories. Mr. Jeffers does an excellent job of capturing the minds of young children. Sam (5) and Martha (3) are loving these books. At some point in the day, you will find them on the couch, cuddled up, and sharing the stories with one another.

Another for the young ones is I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track by Joshua Prince. This is just a fun little story that will quickly capture the interest of your little ones. Rhyming text tells the story of an ant walking down a railroad track. The problem? He is walking eastbound on a westbound track. Thankfully, Switchman Jack, who is enjoying his lunch, sees the ant and hurries to switch the train. Will he switch it in time?


“I’d just settled down with my brown lunch sack,

napkin spread, lunch unpacked,

when I spied that ant on the railroad track,

hungry hunting, tickety-tack.”

As soon as you begin reading, the rhythm kicks in and makes for a fun read. Switchman Jack is quite the guy…saving an ant and in the end sharing his lunch. If you are looking for a fun read, grab this one on your next library trip.

We read more books this past week but I think I’ll put those in a separate post so check back!

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