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This post has been “on my desk” for a couple of weeks. It is possible that I might be behind on my planned posts just a wee bit. I almost bumped these book off the list but decided that it would be a mistake. These two books were so enjoyed by my kiddos that it seemed the perfect “better late than never” post.

Earmuffs for Everyone! How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs (Meghan McCarthy) tells us about Chester, his cold ears, and what happens when he found a way to keep them warm. Hmmm, interesting topic, yes? Well, yes, it was! Travel back to the late 1800s in Maine and Chester was born. Not only did he have cold ears but he had a great head for business.

Chester had a two story workshop. A bike shop was on the bottom floor and the earmuff factory was on the top. Now, actually, Chester didn’t invent the earmuffs. They were invented before he was born but he did something worth remembering. He made earmuffs better. The improvement was a simple steel band that made earmuffs have a tighter fit. Now people remember Chester as the inventor of earmuffs.

It was fun to see the progression of various ear warming devices. I must say the invention of rubber dress guards to protect ladies’ clothing from sweat is outstanding. You can apparently still buy them today. Who knew? We also learned a little bit about patents. Who doesn’t need a new holiday? Chester Greenwood Day is celebrated in December to recognize Chester’s as the inventor of earmuffs. I think I’ll go mark my calendar.

I try to make sure we have non-fiction selection in the picture book basket. Earmuffs for Everyone was a great addition. My children loved this book! I thought it would be read once or twice but it seemed to be a favorite. My three year old loved it. Perhaps you should check it out!

Do you have children with a great imagination? One who loves to tell or write a story? I have an excellent book for you! How to Bake a Book (Ella Burfoot) shows all the wonderful secrets of baking up a book. It really is very simple.

A few ideas broken into a cup, weigh out some words, and cut out some characters are the first few steps.  Don’t forget feelings and colors and perhaps a watery word. Need some filling for the middle? Pinch of bad and a spoonful of good….hmmm, the plot thickens!

You really can’t skip any of the recipe. Make sure you have periods and capital letters. Before you know it, it is time for the finishing touches. Then you will have a delicious book!

My children loved How to Bake a Book. It really was the perfect book for them. They love writing and telling stories. We go through an insane amount of paper for drawing and sketching characters. Ms. Burfoot presented the story writing process is a manner that even the youngest can appreciate. It can be read to simple enjoy or as a spring board on teaching younger students the writing process.

And the illustrations! Again, my children loved the illustrations. Bowlfuls of words, characters being cut out of dough and shelves full of “dried princess peas”, “bitter beans”,  and “porridge oats” were so engaging. How to Bake a Book has been enjoyed over and over.  You might want to check it out!

What have you been reading?

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